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3000 pts apoch help
Old 30 Dec 2008, 18:53   #1 (permalink)
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Default 3000 pts apoch help

This is probably another part of the forum that is better for this but I haven't found it yet.

This is my problem: My LHS (local Hobby story) is putting on a large apoc game this week end an I'm trying to put together a 3000 pts. list for it but as I really have never played a list over 2250 I'm finding that I'm low points.

my basic ideal is to run Pedro and 5 units of Sternguard in drop pods to jump and objective early on and hold through out the game. as it'll be primary daemons (with Aureus's feasting crows)

I don't feel to bad about the cheese of five Sternguard squads but I've got 1300 pts left over so what i want to know is with my strategy in mind (unless you think I'm nuts then please give me a better idea cuz we need to win this one) what else would you take?

After thoughts: I have taken two venerable dreadnoughts (melta and assault cannon) in drop pods to help hold the line that brings things to about 2085pts total. anyways I'll shut up now

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Default Re: 3000 pts apoch help

The Apocalypse section is a child board of "General 40k".

As the battle is quite soon, just throw everythingyou have onto the board, if you have more then 3k pts, get some more deepstriking units, and some scout bikes for added accuracy, if you do not have the models for that, deploy some devs to give your drop podders covering fire, and get some cheap units to stop the daemons getting to them.

If you do not have the models, and are going to get some more before the battle, just get as many deepstriking units as possibl and some scout bikers, if you want, you could get AOBR and 2 drop pods, and drop the dreadnought and tac squad in, whilst you strike your terminators.

Hope this helps (doubt it will thought :P )

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Default Re: 3000 pts apoch help

bodzy will be primarily facing a Daemons force with some (perhaps 2?) Chaos Space Marine backup and, probably, a Dread-mob heavy Ork force. As far as Apoc stuff, he can expect to see a few of the big Greater Daemons, a Nurgle Plague Tower, maybe a Plaguereaper, and mayhaps a few infantry formations.

On his side, we can expect to face a Titan (or two) a handful of Baneblade or Baneblade varients and a pile of armor. This will be supported by at least three Space Marine forces (including bondzy's). The other two Space Marine potentials are Raven Guard and Iron Hands.

Personally, while I think that Sternguard are certainly a hard choice, I'm not convinced that they'll be very spammy against a Daemons-heavy list. You will certainly cut through my Plague Marines with added ease. But, I think, you'll be facing Josh, Jacob and Ross with Daemons.

I think you'd be better off with some Flamer / Melta spamming with the Salamanders character. That will give you plenty of support against the Daemons, Orks and, perhaps, the Tyranids - depending on how the points play out.

Also, if you need models, shoot me a PM and I'll round some up. My son has a 2,500 point force of Imperial Fists, which, while unpainted, is assembled and primed for the most part. I could also bring two units of painted Stormtroopers, some Gun Servitor teams, and an assassin if you'd rather go with something a little different.

Welcome to TO.
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Default Re: 3000 pts apoch help

I love the idea of podding in that many sterngard.
So why not complement it with vanguard. A 10 man squad with jump packs and power weapons is about 500pts. Give a couple of the pods locators and take advantage of heroic interention.

And more podding dreads.

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