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Considering two lists - 1000 pts BA
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Default Considering two lists - 1000 pts BA

I find that building a 1000 point Blood Angels list a little difficult. I designed two different lists and need an opinion on which might be more effective.

This list uses Corbulo and the Death Company as its main assault group. The whole army is mechanized and has enough shooty components built into the Tac squads to allow me move up and form a static gunline or join an assault with the DA. The two ten man tac squads could be made into combat squads but at this point level I'll probably leave them intact. I'll assault with them only if necessary as they are suited to hold objectives. The five man squad is geared to join assault with the DA and Corbulo. The two bikes will be my primary AT.

HQ - 100

Corbulo - 100

Elites - 110

5x Death Company, rhino - 100

Troops - 700

10x tactical marine
heavy bolter, sergeant with power weapon, rhino - 260
10x tactical marine
missile launcher, sergeant with power weapon, rhino - 260
5x tactical marine
melta gun, sergeant with power fist, rhino - 180

Fast attack - 100

2x MultiMelta Attack Bike - 100


The second list is really geared for assault. The bikes again will be my primary AT but the bolter bikes can soften up an enemy squad before my marines assault. It looks more like a standard 1000 point BA list


HQ - 125

Chaplain Lemartes - 125

Elites - 115

5x Death Company, jump packs - 115

Troops - 560

10x Assault Squad
w. Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon - 280
10x Assault Squad
w. Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon - 280

Fast attack - 200

2x MultiMelta Attack Bike - 100
2x Heavy Bolter Attack Bike - 100

I've al;ways liked the Blood Angel fluff although their squads are pricey to compensate for those free Death Company they get and some pretty good special characters. I certainly want to make use of both. So any comments would be welcome. My BA have been sitting in a box for over two years.
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Default Re: Considering two lists - 1000 pts BA

I prefer the second list more, as blood angels are more suited to close combat, i'm not sure if you can (not read the BA codex in ages) but if you can give your assault squads a flamer, just for a bit more killyess before you charge. Other then that the list looks great.
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Default Re: Considering two lists - 1000 pts BA

I like both the lists.
though im leaning towards the second.
why dont you play test both lists and see which one seems to work better?
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