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1500 List, needs some refinement
Old 28 Dec 2008, 03:21   #1 (permalink)
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Default 1500 List, needs some refinement

Heres a list I made, theres a few things im not sure about. Like how the Razorbacks are equipped, or my heavy support choices.
what do you think?
What would you change?
how do you think it would go?
Love you xoxo

Captain-Storm Bolter, Power Weapon 118

Terminators x5 –Heavy Flamer 205
Dreadnaught 115

Tactical Marines x10 –Missile Launcher, Flamer 170
Tactical Marines x10 –Meltagun, Plasma Cannon 180
Tactical Marines x10 –Meltagun, heavy Bolter 175

Razorbacks x3 –lascannon and twin licked plasma gun 225

Fast Attack
Assult Marines x5 100

Heavy Support
Devastators x5, 2 lascannon, 2 Plasma Gun. 210

Total 1498
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 1500 List, needs some refinement

Solid troops. Good start.
Not to sure about that many razorbacks, although I'm not one for mech lists I find it odd to spend that many points on them and not improve they're survivability. I prefer Rino: 2x storm bolter, hunter missile 55pts.
And with the spare points up the size of the assault squad.

It may be worth trading the plas cannons for missile launchers, or at least one.
(If they both backfire that's 25% casualties)

Other than that it looks pretty solid.

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