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3k vanilla marines
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Default 3k vanilla marines

i dont know how good this list is because it hasn't been used in a battle yet, this is because this is one of my " im bored so il make an army list" lists

chapter master- 140pts
.power weapon

10 honour guard- 510pts
.10 relic blades

master of the forge- 120pts
.conversion beamer

venerable dreadnought- 165pts

5 terminators- 200pts

10 terminators- 435pts
.assault cannon
.heavy flamer

5 assault terminators- 440pts
.land raider redeemer

5 sternguard veterans- 125pts

10 space marines- 170pts
.missile launcher

5 scouts- 90pts
.sniper rifles
.camo cloaks

5 scouts- 85pts
.missile launcher

5 vanguard veterans- 255pts
.jump packs
.relic blade
.4 lightning claws

3 scout bikers- 100pts
.3 arstartes grenade launchers

land raider crusader- 250pts

thunderfire cannon- 100pts

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