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2k mechanised salamanders
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Default 2k mechanised salamanders

vulkan he'stan- 190pts

tactical squad- 215pts

scout squad- 100pts
.combat blades

tactical squad- 175pts
.twin linked lascannon

sternguard squad- 205pts
.4 combi-flamers
.power fist
.drop pod

venerable dreadnought- 180pts
.heavy bolter
.heavy flamer

techmarine- 75pts
.servo harness

vanguard squad- 280pts
.4 power fists
.thunder hammer

land speeder storm- 50pts

tactical squad- 215pts
.heavy bolter
.drop pod

land raider redeemer- 250pts

land raider redeemer- 250pts

land speeder squadron- 180pts
.heavy flamers

land speeder squadron- 100pts

vulkan is going with the sternguard squad and the techmarine is going with the tactical squad in the drop pod.
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