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1750 First Try Tourny List, Deathwatch
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Default 1750 First Try Tourny List, Deathwatch

Original Post:

Hey guys, this is my first try at a competitive Space Marine list. There's an upcoming tournament and it'll be my first. Any input for this list would be greatly appreciated.

I have 30 Deathwatch Kill Team marines and a captain who coincidentally has a storm bolter and a power fist. This lines up perfectly with sternguard veterans and Pedro Kantor. I also happen to have inquisition doors for a land raider. I was hoping to use this as the base for my list; unless there's some reason you guys think I should try something different.


Modified 12/23:

Dropped the land raider, a sternguard squad and fluffed the list by adding an inquisitor. I also added three predators for anti-tank.

The list:
HQ 1 - Pedro Kantor
Elite 1 - Sternguard Squad - 10 Man, Power Fist on Sgt., Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Elite 2 - Sternguard Squad - 10 Man, Power Fist on Sgt., Combi-Melta, Drop Pod
Elite 3 - "Ordo Xenos" Inquisitor (Using witch hunter profile) - Power Armor, Psychic Hood, Storm Bolter, Psycannon Bolts
Troops 1 - Tactical Squad - 9 Man, Rhino
Troops 2 - Tactical Squad - 9 Man, Rhino
Heavy Support (1-3)- x3 Predator - T.L. Lascannon, Lascannon Sponsons.
Total is 1748.
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Default Re: 1750 First Try Tourny List, Deathwatch

Okay I suppose but you probably want to drop one of the sternguard and then change the scouts to tac squads with beefed up numbers
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