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A 1500 Competitive Bike list that may be a large chunk of cheddar
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Default A 1500 Competitive Bike list that may be a large chunk of cheddar

Well I came up with this list as an adaptation of my old list that got no feeback :'( but I'm hoping this list might fare a little better and get some C&C from you guys.

My main question is A) is this list cheesy? on one hand I included Vulkan He'Stand and packed in as many MMs, meltas, THammers, and flamers as possible. This has been said to be effective/cheesy by a lot of SM players but at the same time I am using this tactic with a bike list which I have never seen done. I spend a lot of points on HQ which I don't like but I think this list could lay down a lot of hurt what do you guys think?


Space Marine Captain - 165
-Thunder Hammer

Vulkan He'Stan 190

Space Marine Bike Squad- 250
-Bikes (9)
-Flamer (2)

Space Marine Bike Squad- 345
-Bikes (9)
- Attack Bike (1)
-Meltagun (2)

Space Marine Bike Squad- 345
-Bikes (9)
- Attack Bike (1)
-Meltagun (2)

Tactical Squad (10) - 205
-Drop Pod

that is
28 bikes (one of them is the commander)
2 Attack bikes
11 infantry (one of which is Vulkan He'Stan)
3 Multimeltas
4 Meltaguns
3 Flamers
1 Thunderhammer

Feedback would be really appreciated

Much Thanks,
http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=75487.0 ~ My Space Marine Chapter
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Default Re: A 1500 Competitive Bike list that may be a large chunk of cheddar

na, I wouldn't consider that cheesy just as I wouldn't consider a rhino rush army cheesy
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