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1500 pt. Competitive Bike Army
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Default 1500 pt. Competitive Bike Army

This is my first list with the new 5th ed, I want this list to be competitive against all armies but it will mainly face tau (hybrid).

Space Marine Captain - 165
-Relic blade

Space Marine Bike Squad (7) - 235
- Plasma gun (2)
- Powersword

Space Marine Bike Squad (7) - 250
-Meltagun (1)
- Attack Bike

Space Marine Bike Squad (7) - 250
-Meltagun (1)
- Attack Bike

Tactical Squad (10) - 210
-Drop Pod

Assault Squad (10) - 240
- Flamers (2)
- Pair of Lightning Claws

Vindicator - 115

that leaves me 35 points to spare, not sure what I should really take though because most of my units already have a lot of upgrades anyway. Advice on the list would be great
Much Thanks,
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