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White Scars - 1,500 Points
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Default White Scars - 1,500 Points


Kor'sorro Khan - 205 Points
- Moon'drakken
- Moonfang


Terminator Assault Squad - 200 Points
- 4 Assault Terminators w/ Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
- 1 Assault Terminator Sergent w/ Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield


Bike Squad - 185 Points
- 1 Sergent w/ Power Weapon
- 2 Space Marine Bikes
- 2 Space Marine Bikes w/ Flamers
- 1 Attack Bike w/ Heavy Bolter

Bike Squad - 185 Points
- 1 Sergent w/ Power Weapon
- 2 Space Marine Bikes
- 2 Space Marine Bikes w/ Flamers
- 1 Attack Bike w/ Heavy Bolter

Bike Squad - 205 Points
- 1 Sergent w/ Power Fist
- 2 Space Marine Bikes
- 2 Space Marine Bikes w/ Meltaguns
- 1 Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta

Bike Squad - 205 Points
- 1 Sergent w/ Power Fist
- 2 Space Marine Bikes
- 2 Space Marine Bikes w/ Meltaguns
- 1 Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta


Land Raider Crusader - 268 Points
- Smoke Launchers


With 25 Bikes in total, I have a nice balance of Bikes:Points ratio, as I feel just filling the whole army up with Bikes is a rather fool-hardy endeavour. With the remainder of my points i've splashed on something a little different, a Terminator Squad kitted with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, then shoved into a Land Raider Crusader for Anti-Infantry purposes. The reason for this is simple, the Terminators are great in assault, and the Land Raider Crusader can Outflank thanks to Kor'sorro Khan. This makes a rather dangerous group to come in with, as while your focusing on the Bikes speeding around the battlefield making mincemeat of your Tanks and burning your Infantry, this thing will show up and unleash blunt head trauma upon my enemies. It was an expensive investment, with the Landraider and Terminators costing around 468 Points, but in my opinion worth it for what it provides.

The main tactic for an annihalation game is this, get the Anti-Infantry bikes on Infantry and shoot, if close enough and wise i'll then assault the weakened squad and finish them off. The Anti-Tank bikes will speed through toward any vehicles and tanks and unleash a barrage of Melta fire, failing that, they can also assault the vehicle thanks to the Sergents Power Fist. Kor'sorro will ride along with them and whenever he can go in and cause some damage or perhaps find a lone character, he'll go in and assault him and attempt to strike him down, he should do ok surviving with his Toughness and Wounds in close-combat. The Land Raider will move and unload the Terminators into Assault rang, then from there, take down as much infantry as possible with the Hurricane Bolters.

So each unit has a role for it to fill, and I have a quite even mix of Infantry, Tank, and Close Combat specialists within my army. But I feel that more could be done, that I may well be missing something that could really help this army, so I ask for your feedback. Thanks.
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Default Re: White Scars - 1,500 Points

I've never seen anyone use a white scars army before so any comments i make are really half guess work. I play Ultramarines so they're pretty well balanced. But anyway....

1) 24 troops isn't enough for me at 1500 points.

Considering most missions are about capturing objectives etc and only troops can do so. A basic ten man tac squad is only gonna cost 170 points. I'd consider taking at least one to run toward an objective while your bikes distract the enemy.

2) Outflank or not a single tank in an army will draw a lot of fire (especially a land raider!)

People like popping Land raiders! (Unfortunately) And unless your opponent is hugging the table edge from which you flank then you may be pretty exposed.

3) Consider tweeking termie weapons?

If you want assault termies I'd consider giving two of them l/claws. This way the whole squad benefits from the 3+ invulnerable save due to the majority, but the guys with the claws are striking at initiative 4, with one extra attack and with re-rolling wounds. But I'd also consider taking shootie termies, your army could struggle against a horde and the 4 storm bolters + assault cannon or cyclone missile launcher could help.

A good trick with shootie termies is to keep them in reserve when you have a l/raider, quite often your opponent will assume that they're in the l/raider only for you to deep strike them later on

4) Consider an assault squad?

If i had to re-write you list i'd maybe drop a bike squad -185, drop the l/raider -268, and drop the assault termies -200 = 653.

And take a 10 man tac squad, melta, Serg P fist 200, and 10 man assault squad, Serg P fist 215, and 5 termies, assault cannon 230 = 645.

Or consider swapping the assault squad for l/speeders?

Food for thought anyway, good luck with your list!
And they shall know no fear

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Default Re: White Scars - 1,500 Points

I was working on a very similar list but I instead of the land raider crusader and two of the bike squads had a unit of 10 tactical marines in a drop pod with a multimelta and a melta gun to claim an objective and a 10 man assault squad that would sweep behind the main bike front supporting in any tough assaults. I also took normal terminators instead of assault termies since I felt I would have enough assault power from the bikes and assault marines. these are just some thoughts for you

looks like a solid list, I might suggest changing the two flamers into one meltagun so that you have more antitank, this would also make your bikes more versatile and more of a general threat to your opponent. other than that if you want to keep all your men on bikes I think it looks good try some games and tell us how it goes

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