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Blood Angels List 2000pts
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Default Blood Angels List 2000pts

This is one of my first BA list I haven't really playied 'em too much and just wanted some other people's opinion on the list.

Chaplain Lemartes
Honor Guard-Bolt Pistols, Chain Swords, and Jump Packs
Terminators-Lightning Claws
Assault Squad Veterans-Five men
Assault Squad Veterans-Five men
Assault Squad-Five men
Assault Squad-Five men
Assault Squad-Five men
Assault Squad-Five men
Tact. Squad-Five men
Tact. Squad-Five men
Land Raider Crusader-Storm Bolter
Vindicator-Storm Bolter
Death Company-Ten in total, Jump Packs

Total 2000pts exactally
Tau W-19 L-9 T-22
Eldar W-8 L-0 T-1
Blood Angels W-4 L-0 T-0
Imperial Guard W-0 L-0 T-1
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