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1850 Raven guard tournament list
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1850 Raven guard tournament list

Hey Guys. So I have a tournament on sunday and came up with this list. So tell me what you guys think.

Grey knight grand master-master crafted weapon
6 terminator retinue-incinerator
9 space marines-sergeant-power fist-melta gun-plasma cannon
9 space marines-sergeant-power fist-melta gun-las cannon
4 scouts-sergeant-power fist
5 vanguard-sergeant-pair of lightning claws-3 power weapons-2 power fist-6 jump packs
9 assault marines-sergeant-pair of LC-2 plasma pistols
Vindicator-siege shield

So I would put shrike with either the assault squad or vanguard squad depending whether I am fighting horde or power armor. The grey knights are there for two reason. I think they are awsome and my oppenent is scared of them. I love my grey knights to death and they have never failed me. So If you are judging my list feel free to critize but please don't ask me to drop the knights, I love them so much
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