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1500 Space Wolves
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Default 1500 Space Wolves

Not my list, it's my dad's but he wanted some advice. I don't even know where to start on Space Wolf lists so I figured I'd throw it out there and see if any of you guys could help me out!

158 - 1x Venerable Dreadnaught Assualt Cannon, Smoke Launcher
91 - 1x Wolf Gaurd battle Leader - Bolt Pistol & Frost Blade, Tooth Necklace
202 - 14x Baldar's Blood Claws (1xFlamer,13xBolt Pistol & CCW & Frag Gernades)
204 - 10x Volstagg's Vikings (GH) (8XBolter&CCW, 1xMeltagun, 1XBolter&Powerfist)
226 - 6x Fandrall's Fighters (GH) 3xBoltPistol&CCW, 1xFlamer, 2x BP&Powerfist) Razorback - lascannon&TL Plasma, smokelauncher
221 - 6x Hogun's Heroes (GH) (4xBolter&ccw, 1xPlasmagun, 1xBolter&Powerfist) Razorback -TL lascannon, Smokelauncher
247 - 9x Heimdall's Hunters (GH) (7xPistol&CCW, 1xMeltagun, 1xBP & powerfist) Rhino -HunterKiller, Smoke, Spotlight
150 - 2x Whirlwinds

Total: 1499
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