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Bat rep, Crimson Fingers versus Ultramrines
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Default Bat rep, Crimson Fingers versus Ultramrines

Alright, on friday at a local GW, played two games, one was against Nurgle and I died so horribly theres no reason to even put that battle on there (so one-sided) But then a very rules lawyer-y person was trying to tell me how to beat said Nurgle army, and among that he was very distracting from the game by being boisterous and trying to rule-hammer everything, so I challenge him to a quick thousand point game.
My army
Pedro Khantor with three Honor Guard
Two tactical Squads with Missile Launchers and Meltaguns
Venerable Dreadnought with an Assault Cannon
Devastator Squad with two las cannons and two plas cannons
Predator with Lascannon galore

His Army
5-man Termie squad with Termie Librarian
3 man squad of scout bikers with homing beacon
5 man Scout squad with M. Launcher and rifles
two tactical squads, one las one plas, combat squad-ed

Turn One,
He starts the game, mode is annihilation.
He moves up his Scout bikes in front of my first T squad and Dread, he moves up both his 5-man bolter squads, his scouts stay put in cover. His shooting phase is unsuccessful as his scout bolters do nothing but kill one marine, his snipers all miss, and his heavy weapns fail to wound or hit.
My turn
I move up my tactical Squad and dread towards his scout bikes, I move Pedro and Guard toward snipers and run, MY predator pivots in place and my second T squad moves towards his 5-man. Shooting phase, I fire Bolt Pistols and an assault cannon at his bikes, killing one, my Devo's kill most of his las cannon squad, leaving the heavy weapon behind, who makes his save. My T2 squad rapid fires into his combat squad, nearly obliterating it, leaving 2 behind who pass, my predator takes out 2 of his marines in his plas cannon squad, and pedro and em run. Assault phase, I charge into the bikes with my tacticals and dreadnought, which leave the sargent alive and locked in combat.

Turn two:
He fails his reserves roll, and moves his combat squad back away from my marines, his scouts stay put and his other marines dive for cover. His shooting phase kills one honor guard from pedro's group, and his comabt phase kills two tactical marines, but I kill his biker, good no more homing beacon. I consolodate into cover with my tacticals and I massacre towards his las cannon, my dread moves up the field.

My turn:
I move pedro towards his marines, I move my tactical squads in cover in assault range to his snipers, I move my dread closer to his back squads, and my other tacticals move closer as well. MY shooting phase renders his plas cannon squad dead, my devos do nothing significant. He made all his saves to eevrything I shot at suprisingly and my assault phase was fun. I assault his other tactical squad with pedro, dead, I stay put, Im out of assalt range to his last man las cannon and so far all he has left is just that guy. Heaven shines upon me.

Turn three:
Termis arrive!!! He looks all happy, but the termies are going "where the hell is everybody?" His shooting phase fails to kill my dread, and His termies reduce my T2 Squad to five men. unlucky for me.

My turn:
I move my T2 Squad and Dread in assault range!! I keep Pedro back, and my T1 squad back. I fire all sorts of melta and plasma and las into his Termie Squad, leaving three left, my Devos kill his lascannon guy. Assault phase!! I charge with my 5 man and my dreadnought, and I kill off one termy, leaving the sargeant and one termy with the librarian.

Turn four:
He refuses to give up and we go straight to combat phase, his Termy uses some psychic powers and blows my dreadnought up after I venerabled him! the explosion does nothing to either of us, I kill none and he kills off my squad.

My turn:
Now I'm really mad! I fire melta gun into the squad, killing none, my devo all miss. Assault phase is where it gets fun Pedro Banner charge!!!!!!!! Because I like to brag, I had about 8 marines left in my T2 Squad and Pedro with Champion Guard. So I charge his Squad, my Tacticals all had +1 A from Pedro, the resulting 26 Attacks kills his Sargeant and Regular Termy, and My Honor Champion's 6 attacks brought the Librarian down to one HP. (go invuls huh?) And his Termy tries to kill Pedro, but fails to hit. Pedro's shining moment!!! He charges up his powerfist, and slams four attacks into that Librarians face, three hit, and all three wound, leaving him to try to make three invuls, which he all fails, and if he had any wounds, would've insta-killed him. Game over, Victory for the Crimson Fingers!!!!

At the End, Killpoints were Eight for me, and Two for Him.

I tried out a semi-balanced list, the predator and honor guard were mroe point-fills, but they did their jobs very well. I didn't expect the walker to die, for he lost his melta-bombs before I attacked squads, but his Librarian was a saving grace. both my friend and I agreed that his Termie squad was a big point sink in a 1000 point game, even I pushed it with Pedro. And, he also offered me two extra kill points for combat squading. His biggest mistake though, was keeping his scouts so close to me so I could kill/consolodate into his other squads. And even with ALL his rules lawyering, I came out victorious with cool judgement and good tactics.
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