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1500pts Crimson Fists. Help please!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1500pts Crimson Fists. Help please!

Ok, so with the new (well, month old now, but yea) Marine codex, i decided to return to my old Ultramarines (my first proper army). They were in a miserable state so i decided to scrap lots of them (too much paint and no patience to strip them) and use what i had left and the contents of Assault on black reach to form the basis of my army. i finnished up my 1000pts list fairly quickly and will see how that plays. however with the 1500pts list, i am fairly stumped. i have no idea if what i have written here is any good or not, so i'd love some advice. essentialy, the tactical marines and sternguard (thanks to Pedro Kantor) form the solid core of the army, for objectives and general firepower. The fist on the Sternguard unit is becuase of three things 1) Powerfists are awesome in a crims fists army, because they are big fists i can paint red. 2) it'll allow the unit to retaliate if it gets charged, so the unit can play a more agressive role with regards to taking and holding objectives and 3) i want the cool new figures and it is the coolest one in the box (imo). Kantor and his honour guard are there to go and kill big monsters/ characters/ small elite units, that kind of thing (hence the rhino, so they don't all die on the way) before being re-inforced by the librarian and his terminators via deepstrike. if i am playing an army that likes assault, i can use both of those units more reactively since they all have pretty nice shooting too, only charging to get in the way of a more easily killed unit. thats the theory anyway. i have no idea if that can work. The dread is there with his lascannon to pop tanks. finaly i wanted something big and shooty to round out the army and the Vindicator seemed appropriate to that end.

anyway, thats the theory, in practice i dunno how well that would work, so i'd like some outside oppinions before i start buying more stuff. i appriciate any advice at all, thanks ^_^


Pedro Kantor
Honour Guard
Relic Blade

Terminator Armour
(with Storm Bolter)
The Avenger
Might of the Ancients


Tactical Squad
+5 marines
Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad
+5 Marines


Terminator Squad
+1 Terminator
Assault cannon

Sternguard Veterans
Power Fist

Twin-Linked Lascannon

Heavy Support

Seige Sheild

Total: 1500 pts.
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