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Codex SM 750 Points for 5th ed.
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Default Codex SM 750 Points for 5th ed.

Hey guys. I'm normally a Tyranid player, but I have some marines from the Macragge set that are getting lonely.

This is my draft space marine list. It's marine heavy, with a devastator squad and two attack bikes with multi-meltas for antitank.

Space Marine Captain
- Power weapon

x2 10-man Tactical Squads with:
- Sergeant: power fist
- Flamer

Fast Attack
x2 Attack Bikes with:
- Multi-meltas

Heavy Support
x1 Devastator Squad with:
- x2 Missile launchers
- x2 Lascannons

I would normally be facing Nurgle CSM, Necrons, and mech-eldar.

Any input would be great.
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