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4th Ed. Codex Army List: 1000pts
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Default 4th Ed. Codex Army List: 1000pts

As I haven't yet purchased the newest Space Marine Codex I'm having to use the 4th Ed. one for my Marines at the moment. This list is going to be facing these Orkz All constructive criticism and advice is appreciated .



Master of Sanctity

~ Crozius Arcanum
~ Rosarius
~ Terminator Armour
~ Combi-Plasma Gun

Terminator Command Squad
~ Storm Bolter
~ Thunder Hammer
~ Two Assault Cannons
~ Storm Bolter
~ Three Power Fists
All have Furious Charge



~ Close-Combat Weapon
~ Heavy Flamer
~ Twin-Linked Lascannon


Tactical Squad I

Veteran Sergeant
~ Terminator Honours
~ Power Fist
~ Plasma Pistol
Space Marines
~ Multi-Melta
~ Plasma Gun
~ Seven Bolters

~ Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter
~ Extra Armour

Tactical Squad II
Veteran Sergeant
~ Terminator Honours
~ Power Fist
~ Plasma Pistol
Space Marines
~ Lascannon
~ Plasma Gun
~ Two Bolters

Heavy Support

Predator Destructor

~ Hull-Mounted Autocannon
~ Heavy Bolter Side Sponsons



In this scenario the Master of Sanctity will Deep Strike accompanied by the Terminators. From there they can cause havoc amongst the enemy's lines, being able to deal with both infantry and vehicles there won't be much that can get in their way, especially being Fearless with an Invul. Save.
The plan for the Dreadnought would be to hang back and lay down fire upon the heaviest armour the opponent has. Once this has been acomplished he'll lumber into battle and happily fry anything before crushing them in combat.
Tactical Squad I will stay with the core of the force and shoot at the enemy for the first turn. In the second they'll start to head towards the enemy lines in the Rhino, towards whichever flank I plan on dropping the Termies, once both units are there enemy force will begin to crumble.
The second Tactical Squad's duty is to simply stay at the back and prevent any ambushes from taking place and to destroy any heavy armour that's threatening my other units.
My Predator is essentially a supporting unit. It can easily manouvre around the battlefield and wither down the troops of the opposition whilst helping out any units that are in a negative situation.

Capture and Control
My Chaplain and Terminators will once again Deep Strike right by the objective I need to capture and unleash their firepower; they'll probably be able to withstand any returning fire thanks to their two great saves and then in the next turn they can assault the enemy objective, at least contesting it.
Once again both the Dreadnought and second Tactical Squad will stay back, the only difference being they'll be defending my objective. With their varied but powerful weaponry they should be able to handle most of the attacking opposition. If the enemy gets close enough the Marines can Rapid Fire, leaving the Dreadnought to charge against what will be a dwindling squad, probably finishing it off.
The first Tactical Squad will head down to the objective in their Rhino from the first turn, choosing whichever flank provides the most cover considering the weak armour of their transport. They'll also be supported by the Predator that will be able to deal with any infantry or lightly armoured vehicles that get close enough. From then on the tank will simply move up and down the flank, laying down fire across the battlefield and preventing the enemy from getting too close to my objective.

Seize Ground
In this scenario I'd prefer my Terminators and Master of Sanctity to arrive at either the third or fourth turn. Landing on top of an objective they'd be able to remove any opposition facing them and simply hunker down and fire at the closest enemy, making sure the opposing player can't claim the objective with any of his Troops. Hopefully the game would end soon after that as the opposing player wouldn't have time to react and I'd have more objectives, if all goes to plan.
The Dreadnought and second Tactical Squad would once again work in cohesion with each other, hanging back and shooting until turn three where they'd claim an objective, which the Marines would defend from thereon. Meanwhile the Dread would carry on and provide support for any dwindling squads I might have.
The first tactical squad would drive off in their Rhino to take control of an objective that's closest to my opposition's deployment zone. With the some support from the Predator that would move down the table with them they shouldn't be bugded from the objective that they claim.

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