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1000 Point Nid Hunters;
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Default 1000 Point Nid Hunters;

I love the fluff of Ultramarine Nid Hunters, I love the new Forgeworld Nid Hunter Ven Dread and the old Nid Hunter Vets. I am getting this army just because of those models though so I dont want it to be too big, here is what I was thinking;

Pedro Kantor - Using Direct Only Sarg; A Captain on a Nid Hunter force would be a Vet almost the equal of a Chapter Master and he would have access to use extreme means to complete his task, hence the Orbital Bombardment.

He also means that Sternguard [My Nid Hunter Vets]score as they are a key part of they army.

9 Sternguard;
1 Combi Melta.

Drop Pod;

10 Marines;
Combi Melta, Flamer, Missile Launcher.


10 Marines;
Flamer, Missile Launcher.

Ven Dread;
Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer.

It is meant to be a fluffy list but I do want it to be somewhat competative and not just against Nids, any suggestions?
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Default Re: 1000 Point Nid Hunters;

Well, this is a well-balanced list, from what I can see of it. Plenty of options for anti-armor anti-MC and anti-Infantry. That is good, and will lead you to victory.
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Default Re: 1000 Point Nid Hunters;

So basically you've got a Captain that counts-as Pedro Kantor? That's ok, and kind of cheeky because the Sternguards counts as a scoring unit .

I don't think the Combi-Melta and Power Fist are very good against 'Nids. I understand you still want the list to be competitive against other races as well but you could take a Power Weapon and Combi-Plasma. That's more balanced than previously but also better against 'Nids, and if I'm not mistaken saves you five points? If so then get Extra Armour or Smoke Launchers for the Rhino, just to add a little survivability to the force.

Unless you're going to turn the Tactical Squads into Combat Squads I think you should use a different combination to a Flamer and Missile Launcher. You could just drop the Launchers but that would seriously reduce your anti-armour firepower, also Blasts have improved in the new edition. The Flamers would also be reallly good against 'Nids and maintain the fluffiness in the list. I'd suggest taking a Plasma Gun in one of the units to ensure a bit more balance, probably best in the second as the first unit has a bonus of a Comb-Melta.

The Venerable Dreadnought is fluffy and can easily deal with 'Nids, especially with that Heavy Flamer, but the Assault Cannon also makes it useful against all kinds of opponent. Isn't making the Dread Venerable a waste if you don't choose a skill though?


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Default Re: 1000 Point Nid Hunters;

Venerable Dreads dont get skills anymore.

Yeah, I plan on using Combat Squads with the Tac Marines. I could take the Plasma in that first Squad so the Combat Squad would have both a Combi Melta and Plasma Gun.

The Powerfist on the Sternguard is a much better option than the power wep I reckon though, even against Nids. With the extra attack from Pedro, it allows me to easily do a wound on MC's were it would take me 3 turns for a Power Weapon to do that.

I wont be fighting Nids all that often with this list to be honest. So the means to fight other armies really is key, a few of those pack a fair few tanks.

Thanks for the replies.
Brunettes and Beer.
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