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Renewed Crimson fist List
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Default Renewed Crimson fist List

Pedro Kantor: 175pts

x9 Sterngaurd Veterans
x2 Combi Melta's
Powerfist (sergeant)
Drop Pod

x10 Tactical Marines
Heavy Bolter
Storm Bolter (sergeant)
Drop Pod

x10 Tactical Marines
Missile Launcher
Plasma Pistol (sergeant)
Drop Pod

x10 Tactical Marines
Multi Melta
Drop Pod w/ Locator Beacon

x10 Devastators
x2 Heavy Bolters
x2 Plasma Cannons

x10 Devastators
x2 Heavy Bolters
x2 Lascannons

Whirl Wind: 85pts


Total Marines:60
Total Drop Pods: 4
Total Tanks: 1

Ok the aim of the list here was not to have a mono structured list that bores the hell out of you enough to make you cry. Every unit has something different which will make for fun and productive games while at the same time being very competitive. Basically the devastators and Whirlwind will start the game in heavy (as i can find) cover and potentialy be spread into combat sqauds and they will bring long range heavy firepower on the enemy turn one. 2 drop pods will come in strategicaly and form a second gun line (potentially be split into combat sqauds to be more flexible).
Then the remaining drops will come in (with Pedro and he'll orbital strike someone) and cause a devastating vice grip on the enemy (which will hopefully potentially destroy them, or atleast break them). All this will be done with heavy support to back them up.

That is my basic strategy... So how does it sit with you veteran players of old

C&C all welcome ;D
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Default Re: Renewed Crimson fist List

While the tactic you plan on employing is effective I don't think you've succeeded in trying to create a mono structured list. I'll admit it's arguably fluffy but there are still changes I would make.

Drop four of the Sternguard Veterans and take a Razorback, accomanpying them with Pedro Kantor at the same time, and dropping the Drop Pod. Doing this will maintain the fluffiness of the unit, add a lot more manouverability and get those Combi-Melta's into range much quicker.
Also, thanks to the new Codex the Razorback has a much better array of weaponry, personally I'd take the Assault Cannons as they're great at tearing apart infantry and also useful against lightly armoured vehicles. Lascannons would also be a good choice as they're great anti-tank and also effective at eliminating heavily armoured infantry, Plasma weaponry is also reasonably balanced. I wouldn't bother with any of the other weaponry options as these are the three that will probably fit into your army best at the moment.
All these choices allow for more effective shooting phases as the Razorback can fire last, after the rest of your army has fired, dealing with that particular unit you need to finish off, considering the long-range weaponry in your force is very nicely balanced at the moment.

All three of the Tactical Squads are nicely equipped and will all be effective if split into Combat Squads, which I recommend as each unit becomes more versatile and you almost double the amount of scoring units in your force.
I would remove the Drop Pod from the second squad as you don't know when they'll be arriving so it's best to play one from the start, ensuring you have a stronger starting force which is stronger and more capable at dealing with whatever your opponent has on the board in the first turn.

Right, taking 10-man Devastator units is a huge points drop, especially considering your opponent will want to destroy the expensive Sternguards and also the Tactical Squads which will be closer to the enemy thanks to their Drop Pods, thus receiving more attention. I'd only take two Marines with Bolters in the unit, the remaining points can be spent on previous ammendments.
I think the weapon choices are reasonable but I'd take the more balanced Missile Launchers instead of the Heavy Bolters. They work much better with the Plasma Cannons and in particular the Lascannons, as they're a much more balanced choice. In the second squad only Krak Missiles should be used but in the first it really depends on what kind of unit you're firing as the Plasma Cannon is a fairly contradicting weapon compared to others as it has a high Strength but makes a Blast.

Finally, the Whirlwind: I think this tank is good and effective, especially for the low points cost. I think a Predator would be more fluffy but there aren't enough points for one. The Whirlwind can deal with a large assortment of enemy units but has weak armour so make sure you keep it behind cover and keep it near to the Tactical Squad which isn't using a Drop-Pod.

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