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1750 semi-mech Templar
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Default 1750 semi-mech Templar

Here is my geniusness! Or at least my latest attempt at it. ;D

156 marshall, twin claws, halo, Termi honors, Frag and meltabomb

210 10 man command squad, vet sgt with powerfist, 2x meltaguns

140 EC with Accept

285 20 man crusader squad (10 ini + 10 Neo) powerfist and meltagun

173 10 man crusader squad (9 ini + 1 neo) powerfist, plasmagun, bolters
58 Rhino with smoke and armor

10 man crusader squad (9+1) powerfist, meltagun
58 rhino with smoke and armor

111 6 man crusader squad (5+1) las/plas

111 6 man crusader squad (5+1) las/plas

268 LRC w/ smoke launchers

The general idea would be to push forward with the 20 man squad led by the EC. Then support this with the 2 rhino squads and the command squad in the LRC. The LRC and Marshall would hit hard and fast. In a multiple objective game I have 5 scoring units that can try to take and hold various objectives.

I am toying with replacing the LRC with a 5 man unit of termies w/ dual asscannons and perhaps buying the marshall a teleport homer. I'm not sure I'd always teleport them, but it'd give me options to support my marshall once the command sqaud was gone. If I did this the command squad would be bumped to 9 and the unit would get one of the two rhinos.

Alternatively I'd replace the rhinos with drop pods with deathwind launchers. That'd give me two pie plates a turn to drop in the backfield of my opponent alogn with helping to contest objectives. However, reserves can be kind of hit or miss.
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Default Re: 1750 semi-mech Templar

Not many responses so I am hoping it is good.

I have been working on converting the terminators from blackreach to be Templar terminators. I'd like to add a 5 man squad to this list. Do you think that is a good idea and if so what would you drop? I was considering dropping the LRC and sticking the command squad in a rhino.
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