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Newbie 1000 points please help!!!
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Default Newbie 1000 points please help!!!

Hey i want to keep it under 300 dollars and all my Friends run lots of land raiders monoliths and lemon Russes.

master /terminator armor plasma pistol power fist 140

4 shooty terminators and seregent and drop pod all have chain fists 1assult cannon heavy flamer1 300

6 Tactical marines 1 missile launcher, plasma cannon, and a flamer 1 Sergent
drop pod 171Pts

4 scout Marines 1 has missile launcher 4 have snipers 92

fast attack
2 attack bikes 2 multi melta 130


1 whirlwind/extra armour search light smoke launchers 94

Total points 993

please completely change list! all critismim welcome even horribly mean!

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Default Re: Newbie 1000 points please help!!!

Im not sure a terminator Captain CAN have a plasma pistol. ??? (and he is a Captain, too cheap for a chapter master)

Hmm. That tactical needs to be 9 Marines and a sarg for any special or heavy weapons to be used.. Also, you CANNOT have a Plasma cannon and Missile launcher and Flamer in ONE tactical squad.

The scouts are 4 Scouts and 1 sarg. (and, with the weapons you have for them, you save.....7 Pnts. )

Not sure the Termi Sarg can have a chainfist., Also, you CAN only have 1 weapon option (so assualt cannon, Etc...) for EVERY 5 Terminators. So, loose a weapon option, or add 5.

Also, with the 2 attack bies , multi meltas, you save More Points.

Maybe a Predator. In my 1003Pnt list i run 2. .

And then again, with those 3 points you have got. (But you SHALL need to change it). YOu can have wargear.

Check Your List against the Codex, And the points. This seems to of gone pair shaped. :P

(BTW, If you don't know, the new Space Marine Codex is out. You NEED it to legally play Space Marines )
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Default Re: Newbie 1000 points please help!!!

This list was made with the 4th edition codex space marines.

A few weeks ago the new book came out, the 5th edition codex.

The current codex has an ultrmarine on the cover shooting a chaos space marine with a bolter.

The 4th edition one pictures mareneus calgar on the cover fighting against tyranids.

However looking at what you've got we can certainly come up with some ideas for 1000 points.

For starters you can't have terminator armour and a plasma pistol, so that's right out!

Captain with terminator armour, combi-plasma bolter and power fist

5 Terminators w/ power fists and storm bolters. one terminator has a cyclone missile launcher. sergeant has power sword and storm bolter

10 Tactical marines with flamer and missile launcher

5 scouts with sniper rifles, missile launcher, camo cloaks

Whirlwind w/ smoke launchers and searchlight
85 points

Total: 740

So that's what you've got listed so far, basically, done with the new codex. That leaves you with lots of room to play! 240 points. I'd suggest getting another tactical squad for starters, then kitting out the tactical marines a little bit more. After that maybe get another tank or support unit of some type. Predators are nice cheap armoured units.

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