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crimson fists for store tourny like C+C, added a bit of fluff to the end:D
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Default crimson fists for store tourny like C+C, added a bit of fluff to the end:D

ive only had 2 games of 40k so far and they were both 500 points, im moving into the 1500 point zone for a store compaign. This is my version one list


Pedro Kantor 175 points


tactical squad ventris: 180 points
7 bolters
1 missile launcher
1 plasma gun
1 sargent chainsword+pistol
rhino: 35 points

tactical squad octavius: 190 points
7 bolters
1 lascannon
1 plasma gun
1 sargent chainswird+pistol


Sterngurd vetren squad ceaser 300
10 combi plasma
drop pod:35

fast attack:

assault sqaud nero 210 points
2 flamers
8 chainsword+pistol

heavy support

vindicator: 125 points
seige sheild

vindicatorL 125 points
seige sheld

vindicator 125 points
seige sheild

Total: 1500

41 power armour marines
4 peices of armour.
3/6 scoring units

pedro deepstrikes on turn 1 along with the sterngaurd, possibly on an objective or within range of killing something big. the idea of 20 plasma shots coming from a hit on 3s squad seems to hard to pass up, whatever the squad is shooting at its probibly dead. This is an extremly expesive squad, but its seems worth it and with pedro the squad will be pumping out 24 shots a turn and will be amazing in close combat if assulted. The squad is also scoring because of pedro

i have chosen a rhino in tac squad ventris because it was a spare 35 points and i only have one drop pod and a rhino. The rhino trnasports the squad up to objective and acts as a wall, it is also a distraction from the vindicators.

the assult squad is used to finish of squads thats survive a barrage of vidicator fire. it also provides a distraction and can lock up shooty units in close combat for a few turns and possibly kill the squad.

the lasacannon in the footslogging tactical sqaud is used to snipe enemy tanks or ICs when VPs matter, the squad usually sit inside cover for protection.
orbital bombardmanet will be saved for when it is needed.

all three heavy supports slots are used up by vidicators, in my opinion these are cheap for what they do and with three the oppoent will have to focus on the vindicators and with three at least one will breach enemy lines. and lay waste.

the campane starts in 2 weeks, i have the sterngurds to paint and the vidicators to paint and build for then.

other modles i have avalble

commander with powersword and bolt pistol
command squad
land riader redeemer
2 devastator squads
dred (multi melta only)
6 termies (aobr+WD)
5 sniper sqouts

the list doesnt seem fluffy enough but the way i see it is:

pedro and his faithful vetrens are holding off a huge ork attack on ryans world, he has enlisted the help of a vindicator battery to hold of the orks assault while pedro seeks out the leader of waaaagh! snagrod with his sterngurd. Tankbustas have manged to breach the vindicator line and clamped a tankbustabomb to the back of one fo the mighty tanks while the the flanks of the orks are getting blown up, blood and green limbs flying everywhere the orks attacking fromt he central column are getting hosed with bloter fire from the tactcial squad while the assault merines lay waste from thier flamers while hovering above the ork horde.

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Default Re: crimson fists for store tourny like C+C, added a bit of fluff to the end:D

Great start to an army list! But we can make it better.

For starters 10 combi plasma guns in the sternguard is overkill. I feel personally that the "right" number of combi plasmas for the unit is 4. Gets you a decent amount of plasma either all at once, or spread out throughout the game without being horrendously expensive. With the 30 points that frees up that lets us get a powerfist the assault squad sergeant, which should be considered a mandatory upgrade for all marine players. PAY ATTENTION EVERYONE!

Normally I'd say the sternguard sarge should have a pfist too, but with Pedro standing there with them they're fine without it.

Having done all that you could happily leave the list as is!

OR if you want to go the "all your eggs in one basket" approach....

Drop a vindicator
Give the stern guard 2 more combi plasmas, and a sergeant with powerfist.

Take a librarian with force dome and gate of infinity. The turn you disembark from the drop pod you can force dome. Then on subsequent turns you can force dome or gate as appropriate.
The sternguard squad is deadly with shooting thanks to their bolter shells which can deal with any situation, backed up by the amazing combi plasma fire. They're wicked in melee with three attacks each, and no less than 6 powerfist attacks as well as a healthy 5 force weapon attacks. The best part is force dome keeps them more resilient even. Mind you doing all this means 1 squad is about half your army. BUT WHAT A HALF!

Anyway those are my few suggestions. GOOD LUCK!
Originally Posted by heliodorus04
Falstead, you're a genius!
Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn
Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
Originally Posted by Rafe (Autarch Kiardras)
My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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