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Raven Guard 5th edition: non-competitive
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Default Raven Guard 5th edition: non-competitive

My first army lists using the new codex Raven guard were mean. They crushed my local friends turn 2. So that I still have opponents to face, I'm needing to tone down my list. No first turn shrike infiltrating, splitting off from his squad, and assaulting 2 different squads turn 1. No 3 drop pods to the face first turn.

My game plan for this army is to move up the board and close the distance as fast as possible without it being a tournament list in a non-tournament environment.

Shrike -195
Librarian: Force Dome, The Avenger -100
Command Squad: 2x LC, 1x Pwer weapon, 1 company champion, rhino- 210
Tactical Squad: x10, ccw sarg, flamer, rocket, drop pod-205
Tactical Squad: x10, ccw sarg, flamer, rocket, drop pod-205
Assault Squad: x10, Dual LC sarg - 220
Assault Squad: x10, Dual LC - 220
Scout Bike Squad: x3, 2x Astartes grenade launcher, cluster mines, pwer wep sarg -115

Total: 1470

I'd infiltrate shrike + an assault squad +scout bikes into some cover, and drop my first tac. squad into some cover as well up front; establishing a frontal base. I'd then wait for my second assault squad + command squad in rhino to move up, and I'd have an all out assault turn 2 or 3 when my second drop pod falls in. Librarian would be in the first tactical squads drop pod.

The leftover 30 pts would perhaps go to melta bombs on all my sargs, seeing as this list sorely lacks heavy anti-tank (everyone has krak though).
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