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2K white scars list
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Default 2K white scars list

This is my now white scar list I'm working on. Irony is that I just have to buy scout bikes and Kor'sarro.

White Scars -

- HQ -
Kor'sarro Khan- Moondrakkan

Command Squad- outflank, space marine bikes, champion, 3 power swords, 1 flamer, 1 melta gun

Liberian- outflank, epistolary, space marine bike, Might of The Ancients, Force Dome

Hq- 670pts

- troops -

5 Marine Bikes- outflank, melta, flamer
1 Attack Bike- outflank, multi

5 Marine Bikes- outflank, melta, flamer
1 Attack Bike- outflank, multi

5 Marine Bikes- outflank, melta, flamer
1 Attack Bike- outflank, multi

5 scout sqaud- hellfire, camo

5 scout sqaud- hellfire, camo

Troops- 815pts

- Fast Attack -
10 Assault Squad- outflank, powerfist

3 landspeeders- assault cannon

4 scout bikes- cluster mines, grenade launcher

Fast- 525pts

Total- 2000pts
Models- 52
Vehicles- 3
Bikes- 29

This is my bike army I was working on since 4th. I droped the whirlwinds and added both scouts.

Kor'sarro ability was too good to pass up so now I'll go the white scar route. For 25pts more I get to many and better options. Even though I'm forgoing the relic blade.

I read white scars can have vehicles like Vindicaters, and Landraiders due to Khan saying speed is worthless if there is no strength to back it up.(pg.28) Anyway I may try to fit a vindicater and a predator. I had these assault marines in my last army as elites with furious charge too bad that's gone but I threw them in here anyway.

I think my hq is very solid and would be very hard to tackle in combat. 670pts of a 7 man mobile unit winged th feel no pain and a +5 invul save would probably do very well against any foe.

Beware of O'Shova and his furry!
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