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Default Devastators

Working Draught:

None yet....
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Devastators


Captain Ardias, Master of the Arsenal, Ultramarines 3rd Company

"Devastator Squads combine the durability and adaptability of a Space Marine with the armaments of a tank. They can easily take a commanding position of the Battlefield and lay waste to the countless billions of enemies to the Imperium as well as their armoured vehicles. However, without support a Devastator Squad may find themselves engaged from an unforseen quarter, silencing their mighty weapons that speak with one voice to defy the vile Traitors and Xenos that besiege the Imperium"

When configuring the beloved Devastators you have many options, what do you go for? I always take 1 list against all opponents, not configuring my list for an opposing army. As such my choices are the most versatile. But for the sake of Tactica (Praise the Emperor...) I shall give some advice on all weapons.

Squad Size

It is important to get the ratio right, a 2 to 1 mix of Marines and Weapons is generally the best. For instance, 4 Devastators with Lascannons would have 4 extra Marines, making the squad 8 strong. Any more and your wasting valuable Marines that could be elsewhere, any less and you risk losing your weapons pretty fast.


Heavy Bolter - Not too shabby on its own, lethal in a large group of 4(8). It's strength and AP will decimate most armies. MEQ armies will also take a few casualties due to the amount of hits they should be taking which is generally around 7-9, more if your lucky. All in all a great all round weapon, never leave home without a squad of 8 Devastators with 4 HB's, you won't regret it. The range lets you sit back and shoot enemy squads without too much fear of retaliation, apart from heavy weapons that are meant to be long ranged and make you scared... like Star Cannons. Luckily we shred Eldar armour with out AP4

Missile Launcher - A possible tie for best weapon to use in a Devastator squad. Pretty much the same as the HB. It lets you rip open Meq's or destroy lightly armoured Hordes. 2 squads of 8 with 4 Missile Launchers in your army and your set to "lock 'n load"... (shameless I know )

Multi Melta Not worth it in any circumstance, go for Missile Launchers or the cheaper HB. The only reason I would ever pick these would be when theres 3 Monoli.. oh wait a minute. No reason. You COULD use 'Honour Thy Wargear' and Infiltrate them, but then whats the point in taking Meltas unless your a Salamander where they're fluffy?

Plasma Cannon - Ah my beloved PC. Where would I be without them? Same place really, only not as scorched. Too expensive nowadays at 35 points a piece. Although they could be VERY useful in certain situations (yes, I know you all though 'DEEP STRIKE TERMYS!!&#39 I wouldn't rely on such a situation arising. My advice would be to not bother taking them, Missile Launcher Devs are better vs Light infanty and vehicles. Although they excel Vs Marines they are very expensive. On a side note, my Crimson Fists force has a Devastator Squad of 6 with 2 of these babies, I love them.

Lascannon - Although that 1 extra point of strength makes a lot of difference, there is absolutely no reason to take Lascannons in a Devastator squad, put them in your Las/Plas Tacticals. Way too expensive.

I like running shooty armies with a Counter Assault unit, or 2. As such Devastators are one of my faveourite units. I suggest taking 2, one with 3 ML and one with 4 HB.


* Versatility really is key to winning, HB's and ML's will win your games and while you may want 4 Multi Meltas, I can safely say you'd be better with these 2 choices. By all means take a Plasma Cannon or 2 though, they really do rock although they are too pricey.
* Take enough ablative wounds so your 2nd casualty isnt a Marine with a Hevay weapon.
* Leave the Sergeant alone. He doesn't need an extra attack in CC. If he does scrap your Devs and get an Assault Squad.
* A Razorback, while being fluffy, is not a good choice. You lose a turns shooting which is key to your Devastators effectiveness.
* A good idea might be 2 Dev squads with HB's or 1 HB and 1 ML with a Pred Annhilator.

Good Luck.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Devastators

The ability to take Tank hunter also helps make missile launchers more versitile then lascannons. It helps take away the near invunerability of AV14 as the need to roll a 6 on only 4 dice doesent exist any more. (Tank hunting lascannons on the other hand have strength 10 which will spell doom for all tanks)
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Default Re: Devastators

Codex Devastators can take Tank Hunter? I didn't know what. Was it in an updated FAQ?

The Codex says Vanilla Devs can't take Tank Hunter, only ones bought through 'Honour your Wargear' which isn't very many. As such this should be in the 'Traits' section, if we even have one.
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Default Re: Devastators

You can only get it through the trait system but I believe that it is very important to devastators most of all.
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Default Re: Devastators

Well thats more of a 'Traits' issue than a general Devasatator Tactica issue.
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Default Re: Devastators

Heavy Bolters:
For the points you will probably not find a better weapon for horde controll. Unless it's wearing power armour this will go through pretty much any troop in the game. The Marine Balistic Skill and the strenght of this weapon means that you should be making kills every time and the impresswive three shots gives you more rounds than any of the other choices which all only get one. On the downside, that's about all it's good for. Of the choices the range is in the middle but it's not really a hinderance. The fact that your tying up a large number of points in one squad that can't hurt any vehicle with more than light armour can be a problem. If you do feild them it's generally a good idea to field something else to take care of the heavy armour.

Missile Launcher:
The jack of all trades. Troops or armour, it can take it on but there are other weapons choices that can do it better. This is because of the choice to fire frag or krak rockets that you can swithc between round to round. Only the heavy bolter is cheaper though making it a fine choice when the points are tight. The fact that using multiples of these to shoot at a target tends to balance out agaisnt the stronger options of Lascannons and Plasma Cannons. the fact that you get one with every tactical box and it bieng one of the two longest range weapons also tends to add to the popularity of this weapon making it one of the top two choices for devastator squads.

Plasma Cannon.
The heavy infantry gun. Given that you get a small template to lay out with each shot and it's superior AP value it's no suprise that the Plasma Cannon catches the eye especially agaisnt power armoured enemies. Add it's relitivly high strength for use agaisnt armour and it's a great weapon for high armour and armoured foes. The biggest draw back though is the 'Get's Hot!' rule which effectivly menas your risking offing the gunner with every shot. Still the high armour of marines protects against this rather well....most times.

The ultimate armour killer. Lascannons have the highest strength and Ap value of all the choices, they also ahve one of the longest rnages. This makes them a natural choice at first glance for a Devastator squad. If you need something to take out armour, your right. Armed with these the four shots pretty much garantee what ever is bieng shot is likely to go down. The problem though is it's really only best used aagiant armoured vehicles. Lascannons tend to be over kill for troops and the points cost also will eat up more points into an already points heavy unit. Still, if you absolutly, positivly have to make every enemy vehicle on the board dead you can't choose a better weapon.

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Default Re: Devastators

You mentioned armour 14 - sadly the tank hunter ability doesn't affect the monolith

no weak points to strike!

still good against demolishers and land raiders
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Default Re: Devastators

tank hunter adds to the skill of weapons' wielder not detract from target's armour value
the +1 stands and is usable vs. the monolith
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Default Re: Devastators

The Necron FAQ clarifies this. There are no bonuses for multiple penetration dice, doubling the penetration dice, multiple Talos attacks or tank-hunter veteran skills. The only bonuses that work are the multiple-dice rule for ordnance, and the Vindicare assassin's turbo-penetrator round.

I think AP1 weapons still count glancing hits as penetrating hits, though.
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