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1000 points of the Angels of Avengement
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Default 1000 points of the Angels of Avengement

Angels Of Avengement (1000 points)

Master 160
Plasma Pistol (Master Crafted)
Power Weapon
Iron Halo

Tactical Marines (5) 180
Heavy Bolter
TL Heavy Bolters
Extra armour
True Grit

Tactical marines (6) 135
Missile Launcher
True Grit

Land Speeder 80
Heavy Bolter
Assault Cannon

Devastator Marines (6) 140
Missile Launcher
Heavy Bolter
Heavy Bolter

Devastator Marines (6) 180
Missile Launcher
Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon

Predator Destructor 125
Lascannon Side Sponsons

c&c are welcome.
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