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Wings of Sanguinius - 1,500pt Blood Angels army.
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Default Wings of Sanguinius - 1,500pt Blood Angels army.

Lemartes, Guardian of The Lost - 125pts.

Death Company - 225pts.
9 Death Company with Jump Packs.

Death Company Furioso - 145pts.
Extra Armour.
Heavy Flamer.

Assault Squad Alpha - 275pts.
1 Veteran Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Power Fist.
9 Assault Marines.

Assault Squad Beta - 275pts.
1 Veteran Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Power Fist.
9 Assault Marines.

Heavy Support:
Baal Predator - 140pts.
Heavy Flamer Sponsons.
Extra Armour.

Whirlwind - 85pts.

Devastator Squad - 230pts.
Veteran Sergeant with Bolter.
4 Devastators with Multi Meltas.
Razorback with TL Heavy Bolters and Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter.

Total: 1,500pts.

Right, basic strategy of this list is as follows; get close, unleash hell.

Whirlwind lays down suppressive fire, Razorback advances the squad into position, blowing smokes if needed to keep them safe. Furioso charges and pops smokes. Baal will pop smokes too if there's nothing in firing range. Hopefully, I should have some combat units into the fray by the time this trick stops working.

Lemartes is going with the Death Company.
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Default Re: Wings of Sanguinius - 1,500pt Blood Angels army.

Looks ok, but there's some armies that can definitley give you a big heap of trouble.

Personally I think it's a little bit of an "all your eggs in one basket" list, but that's just me.

I'd replace the multi meltas with missile launchers, they're not as good at anti tank, however you can use them from turn one and the extra 2-3 turns of shooting oughta make up for that. You could even then use the razorabacks points on adding 10 more guys to the squad.
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