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Space Marines [Balanced 1000pts]
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Default Space Marines [Balanced 1000pts]

This is my Space Marine List I won a 1000pt tournament with a few weekends ago. Would like to thank Dutch as it's basically one of his sample lists.


Commander: Master - 95 points
- Storm Bolter
- Power weapon


Dreadnought - 110 points
- Assault Cannon
- Power fist w/ storm bolter
- Extra armour


Tactical squad - 160 points
- Veteran w/ Power fist and Bolt pistol
- 1 Marine w/ Meltagun
- 6 Marines w/ Bolters

Rhino - 58 points
- Extra armour
- Smoke launchers

Scout squad - 70 points
- 1 Scout w/ Heavy Bolter
- 4 Scouts w/ Bolters

Tactical squad - 110 points
- 1 Marine w/ Missile launcher
- 1 Marine w/ Plasma gun
- 4 Marines w/ Bolters

Tactical squad - 110 points
- 1 Marine w/ Missile launcher
- 1 Marine w/ Plasma gun
- 4 Marines w/ Bolters

[Fast Attack]

Assault squad - 150 points
- Veteran w/ Power fist and Bolt pistol
- 2 Marines w/ Bolt pistols and ccw's
- 2 Marines w/ Plasma pistols and ccw's
- All have Frags and Jump packs

[Heavy Support]

Predator Annihilator - 135 points
- TL-Lascannon turret
- Heavy Bolter sponsons
- Extra Armour

Total 998pts

My question is now what would be the best way of expanding this to 2000pts? Also I've decided i'm going to play Iron Hands so any ideas on how to theme my army would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: Space Marines [Balanced 1000pts]

If you want to expand to 2000 points i would suggest another dreadnought. Another Predator or maybe even a Landraider, maybe more upgrades for your commander, a devastator squad is a MUST and another squad of assult marines and maybe a land speeder
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