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1750 Competative Tourny Build.
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Default 1750 Competative Tourny Build.

Any suggestions or comments?

Rec.-Jump Pack, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Melta bombs

X8 Scouts-X7 Bolt Pistol/CC, Searget w/ Powerfist, teleport homer

X6 Marines-Las/Plas

X6 Marines-Las/Plas

X5 Terminators-X2 Ass Cannons

X5 Terminators-X2 Ass Cannons

X8 Assault Marines-Sgt. w/powerfist, melta bombs, flamer, plasma pistol, furious assault

X1 Landspeeder tornado

X1 Landspeeder tornado

X1 Landspeeder Tornado

X6 Marines-X3 Heavy Bolters

X6 Marines-X3 Missile Launchers

Traits-Blessed Be the Warriors,

Draw Backs- We Stand Alone

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Default Re: 1750 Competative Tourny Build.

Hey there. Not sure what chapter you're playing but the way you've written your list it looks like you've got 4 fast attack choices. Also you've got a lot of small squads, which means a lot of leadership tests and with no Captain on the board you're gonna fail a good few by the end of the game. Your list looks alright but i think you could do with losing some of the more elite troops and getting some more standard marines in there. At least one ten man squad with a transport. Also for a change, why not try a 6 man Las/Plas vet squad instead of the normal troop choice. This way you can give them tank hunters or infiltrate. Tank hunters can make all the difference in these squads and infiltrate is cool as you get to place these last to counter any fast attack vehicles etc that would have been placed after them if you'd taken them as troops. Hope this helps
And they shall know no fear

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