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3,000 point Black Templars
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Default 3,000 point Black Templars

This army is intended for Apocalypse-style games.


Marshal - 171 pts
-Jump Pack, Pair of lightning claws, T. Honors, Frags, Iron Halo

Reclusiarch - 97 pts
-Bolt pistol, Frags

Reclusiarch - 117 pts
-Bolt pistol, Frags, Jump Pack

Reclusiarch - 150 pts
-T. Armor, Pair of lightning claws

Emperor&#39;s Champion - 140 pts
-Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds


Dreadnought - 120 pts
-Assault Cannon, Missile Launcher, Extra Armor

Dreadnought - 120 pts
-Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor

Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad (7 men) - 560 pts
-3x pair of lightning claws, 4x t. hammer + storm shield, Furious Charge
-Land Raider Crusader


Crusader Squad (14 men) - 472 pts
-6x Initiate w/ BP+CCW, 1x Initiate w/ Bolter, 7x Neophyte w/ BP+CCW, Frags, Powerfist+BP, Meltagun
-Land Raider Crusader

Crusader Squad (10 men) - 223 pts
-4x Initiate w/ BP+CCW, 1x Initiate w/ Bolter, 5x Neophyte w/ BP+CCW, Frags, Powerfist+BP, Meltagun
-Rhino w/ Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

Crusader Squad (8 men) - 201 pts
-4x Initiate w/ BP+CCW, 1x Initiate w/ Bolter, 3x Neophyte w/ BP+CCW, Frags, Powerfist+BP, Meltagun
-Rhino w/ Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

Fast Attack:

Assault Squad (10 men) - 245 pts
-2x plasma pistol, 1x powerfist

Landspeeder Tornado - 80 pts
-Assault cannon

Landspeeder Tornado - 80 pts
-Assault cannon

Heavy Support:

Predator Destructor - 115 pts
-Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armor

Predator Destructor -115 pts
-Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armor

Total: 3006 points


The Marshal and Jump Chaplain join the assault squad, the Termie chappy joins the Sword Brethren Squad, the footslogging chaplain hops in the other LRC, and the EC joins the 8-man sqaud. The basic idea would then be to use the Flank March strategic asset and hold everything off the board until turn 3, then sweep in and slaughter everything in my path. The dreads operate as a pair, same with preds, providing fire support for the army.

The Terminators rush the biggest, meanest thing the opponent has and get stuck in as soon as possible. The EC and his squad will act as headhunters if I&#39;m facing an army that doesn&#39;t fare well in CC, like Tau or IG, or simply hit troop units. The other Crusader squads and the Assault Squad simply hit troops and rip through them. Once their units have been deployed and get into assaults, the LRCs are free to roam and shred just about anything in their path. The speeders will be used to put pressure where needed.

Suggestions are always appreciated.
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Default Re: 3,000 point Black Templars


I love you for that man.... Altho, the way it is supposed to be played is with all lightning claws.... thats 17 wounds against MEQs after all&#39;s said and done....

Oh well, still looks nice.
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