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1850 Mech BA "Treads of Sanguinius"
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Default 1850 Mech BA "Treads of Sanguinius"

Since I spotted the thread on Mech Marine lists, I figured I;d post my own Mech Blood Angels list.

HQ: 470
Mephiston 225

Lemartes 125

Honour Guard 220
-2x Melta, 1x Fist
--Razorback w/Heavy Bolter

Elites 210
10 Man Death Company 210

Troops 420
5 man Tactical Squad 210
-Plasma Gun
--Razorback w/Lascannon

5 man Tactical Squad 210
-Plasma Gun
--Razorback w/Lascannon

Fast Attack 150
Multi-Melta Attack Bike 50

Multi-Melta Attack Bike 50

Multi-Melta Attack Bike 50

Heavy Support 500
Baal Predator HB Sponsons 125

Baal Predator HB Sponsons 125

Land Raider Crusader 250


The Death company deploys in the Crusader. Mephiston and Lemartes fly along behind it, joining the DC once they deploy, but NOT riding inside.
This way if someone pops the crusader, Mephiston and Lemartes are still up and running, able to hold the fort until the DC can unpin and regroup. They stay behind the raider so they can't be shot at. If Meph fails his wings test we can always slow the convoy down a bit, or have him catch up on the approach to the assault (We'll want to be able to fire the guns when we get close anyhow, so they'll go slow when they near the lines)

The Baals move up with the crusader as an armored spearhead. The three assault cannons and five heavy bolters should eat troops alive and leave a nice big hole to deposit the super killy DC into.

The Razorback Tactical Squads move into firing positions and deploy in the midrange (ideally, within range of the plasguns, but they can hang back further if need be) They act as fire support, just like the cheezy old 6-man las/plas squads of the olden days. Their goal is to aim for the enemy's armored units. If someone too nasty gets too close they can haul in and move out to a better position. Last turn they can hop in and race for objectives

The Honour Guard is able to take all comers. They have a fair amount of dakka and really good assault, plus meltaguns, so they can chew up troop squads, hunt down tanks, or tie up Monsters and ICs.

The Attack Bikes can back up the HG, or they can go of fon their own, hunting down tanks.

If the enemy has a ton of armor, then the Baals and Crusader can take the role of tank hunters as well.

If I'm facing hordes, I can ask my opponent if he minds me replacing my meltas with heavy bolters on the Attack Bikes (I have spare gunner torsos with HBs attached, left the torso unglued so it can pivot along the rail anyhow) but even if I can't, the heavy spport should be able to really make a dent on their own.

It's got a decent assault, a very good punch, and lots and lots and lots of targets to make you agonize over.

And it's thematic! Everyone is mounted.
Maybe I'll buy a Baneblade someday and run it attached to the list ;-)
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