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The Warriors of Toralis, 1000pts vanilla
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Default The Warriors of Toralis, 1000pts vanilla

I just made a list last night....but it some how seems bigger then it should be. As in it seems to have too many units for 1000pts. I made the list with Eldar in mind, as a friend of mine is getting back into the hobby. I figured I would post it up here and hopefully get some c&c. Thanks

Power Weapon
Bolt Pistol
Iron Halo

Terminator Squad
5 Terminators
2 Assault Cannons

Veteran Squad
Sgt w/ Pair of Lightning Claws (for cool modelness factor, really lol)
6 Space Marines
Power Weapon

Tactical Squad
Sgt w/ Close Combat Weapon, Bolt Pistol
6 Space Marines
Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad
Sgt w/ Close combat Weapon, Bolt Pistol
6 Space Marines

++Fast Attack++
Land Speeder Squadron
2 Land Speeders
I know, I know, They should be in separate squads. they will be, its just easier to write up a list like this

++Heavy Support++
Predator Destructor
Sponson Lascannons


So what do you guys think?
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