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[TourneyRep] The Stonecutters go to Astronomi-con!
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Default [TourneyRep] The Stonecutters go to Astronomi-con!

I've just gotten back from the second day of what was probably the best 40k gaming experience of my life! For those who don't know Astronomi-con is a tournament held across Canada. Every table has a unique (usually objective driven) scenario, often with some absolutely wild special rules. My memory is garbage so this is going to be more of a "highlight reel" than anything

Army list was as feature in this topic. I went with the Tornado speeder option

Day 1, Game 1: I was playing a nice looking army of old school Cadians in a scenario called "Dawn Drop". Basically there were 4 objectives, a control tower, a bunker and a couple of hydra flak platforms. Most objectives wins. 3 of them were in one corner of the table, with a fourth off to the side. I went for the cluster of 3. Escalation rules were in effect as well as Night Fighting rules until a roll was made for the sun to come up. However, we both kept forgetting to actually roll for our spotting distances on such a regular basis (and not realize it until after our turn was over!) that we eventually just decided that the sun had come up. He chose to defend, and so deployed everything that could holding the objectives. I HAD to deep strike my entire army and start rolling for my reserves on turn 1. Over the course of the game I had to make 8 scatter rolls to land units. I went 6 for 8. Early on I drove his ratlings to ground and attacked his ogryns with Szyslak and my termies (although the chainfist one managed to saw the multi laser off the chimera whole they were at it). His rough riders gutted my drop pod unit in one round of combat (OUCH!), but were eventually taken down by the assault squad. The requirement to deep strike actually had me doing some bizarre things, like dropping in devastator squads 12" away from the enemy just so the ones with bolters could get a kill or two on the turn they landed! The Heavy bolter devs were fired on and driven off by a bunch of guardsmen double-tapping LASPISTOLS at them. I informed my opponent that he now had to name one of the guardsmen in that squad "Tex" for his pistol toting prowess. In the end, the star of this match was the speeder, who not only killed my opponent's basilisk, but immobilized the chimera and his russ in very inconvenient positions and nuked a hellhound. In the end I held 2 objectives to his 1.

Day 1, Game 2: This time I'm playing Tau. In a city. Oh dear... The mission was basically a building claiming game. And he was very mobile and quite capable of rendering my lovely heavy weapons useless. Which he did. Early on he concentrated his fire and simply turned the assault squad into hamburger. Nuts. My speeder took out a seeker missile loaded piranha before being taken down. I soon declared it a "no guts, no glory" situation, dropped the drop pod in in front of the stealths and shot them down to 1 model. Szyslak and his termies teleported in behind a bunch of kroot and to the side of a devilfish. Assault cannons into the side armour result in 4 glancing hits. I roll 1,3,5,5. Of course I have to re-roll the 5s thinking I have about a 2/3s chance of still killing the darn thing. Nope. A 1 and a 2... Termies got rapid fired to death and my hope of pulling myself back into the game died with them. My opponent seemed to find it extremely funny that I knew exactly what lil tau trick he was going to use on me next.

Deep Strike record for this game: 2 for 2

Day 1, Game 3: More cityfighting, but now the terrain is INSANELY clogged (we're talking nearly 60% coverage here!) and I'm facing a Harlequin heavy eldar army!( 2 big squads on foot) Pure vps this time. I took the fortified building stratagem hoping that he would make the mistake of trying to charge my true grit squads with his harlies and due to the stratagem would gain no benefit from his grenades. He simply blew the building up and killed half the guys inside in the explosion. OK, plan B. Use assault squad, speeders and deep strikers to deliver enough of a pounding to both harlie on one turn that I could simply grind them down if they entered combat. On one flank it kinda worked. Not many casualties cause by the pod unit, and I lost both my plasma guns to overheats, but I did enough to make them fall back. To make things even better they had to run past my drop pod, meaning they were within 6" of it when it came time to regroup them. The other unit was subjected to the assault squad's pistols and the entire termie unit... and lost 1 model. They charged. Nuff said. My speeder had it's weapons pruned off my a wraithlord bearing an uncanny resemblance to Jack Nicholson as the Joker (he use that grinning harlie jetbike bit), but remember that harlie unit? Well they gained an escort off the board. > In the end I got taken down pretty hard.

Deep Strike record: 1 for 1

Day 2 Game 1: Finally out of the damned city! This time I got to fight over a pumping station against a great light infantry force with a pile of sentinels and a bit of armoured support. I was able to choose to attack or defend, but either would have it's troubles. Defending would mean having to cram models onto a nearly coverless raised platform downwind from a russ and basilisk. Oh and being so surrounded Custer would've looked more likely to survive! Attacking meant that I only had a few units that could realistically reach the platform so any attack I mounted would have to go right, cause there was no way I could rely on weight of power armoured bodies to pull me through. So I chose to attack. VPs scored for men on the platform, 200 bonus for destroying it and 400 bonus if I could get an HQ in contact with it at the end of the game. My plan was to cover-hop the assault squad toward the platform, use the speeder to hopefully either kill the russ or throw a wrench in it's works and deep strike in the termies and drop pod to clear out the platform. Everything went smoothly at first. The drop podders nuked a pair of sentinels, the speeder pruned the battle cannon from the russ and the assault squad reduced his command squad (standing right next to the thing I needed to capture/blow up). Turn 3, if the termies come in now, the game is pretty much mine. Nope. Oh well, my assault squad will last to turn 4. Still no termies. Ok... so now the assault squad is dead, guess I'll have to risk scattering. Can't scatter is you don't turn up. Random Game length ends the game with the termies still drunkenly capering about in orbit! Yup, I lost again.

Deep strike record: 1 for 1

My opponent in this game was absolutely GREAT. Several times I had to pause for a moment in order to catch my breath following a massive belly laugh. I had brought a case of Sprite to the event and was offering a can to my opponents during games. He explained to me that he was diabetic. I apologized, which prompted him to joke "I wonder what the sportsmanship penalty for trying to murder your opponent is". So for the rest of the tourney he kept pointing at me and yelling "He tried to kill me!"

Day 2, Game 2: This game was played on a table you may remember from the eye of terror campaign battle reports. This was probably the most 3 dimensional board I've ever had the pleasure of playing on. It had big runs, a bridge and an entire lower level littered with tank wrecks. And that was our objective, take the wreckage. Once again, there were 4 objectives in total and 3 were clustered close together. So I went for the cluster. My opponent was running a fairly bike heavy marine army with a couple razorbacks, a full size assault squad, whirlwind and an infiltrating dev squad. Early on we pretty much swapped land speeders and I managed to blow away a good number of bikes with a combination of my heavy weapons and my drop podding unit. Oh and his devvie squad was reduced to one man on turn 1 (who subsequently blew himself up with a malfunctioning plasma cannon). He charged my assault squad with his bikes, but the pfist sarge got them. I managed to stop the razorbacks from doing much by pegging them with a combination of lascannons, rockets and termie assault cannons. His libby and plasma toting command unit badly mauled the termies before finishing them off in the next turn. However I had 2 units, just at half strength sitting on objectives, one of which was hidden behind the drop pod! In an attempt to deny me an objective he fires his whirlwind on one squad. Hit. Partials made. 2 kills. No more scoring unit. Game ends, we total up vps and I say "All roight, we'll call it a draw"

Deep strike: 0 for 1

Day 2, Game 3: This game went like a rocket. Before the game both players rolled for all their units, on a 6 the unit HAD to be deployed, even if it always started in reserve. Otherwise, it was in reserve. When reserves came in, they arrived from a randomly determined table edge. His was another marine army, a VERY elite one at that. He had 2 full size squads of infiltrating, true grit marines, a big termie unit with chaplain, a venny dread and 3 assault cannon tornados. The tac squad sergeants both had tele homers. I knew exactly what his plan was (calling in a big termie unit to run amok), but the mission simply didn't allow it to be done. In short, his army came in piecemeal from all directions and mine came in over the course of 2 turns in a rather cohesive manner. Victory to me.

Deep strike: 1 for 1

So I end the tourney with a reasonable 2, 3 and 1 record. Every person I played was great fun and I'd simply love to have the privilege of playing them again. If one or two bits of dice rolling had been slightly better I think my record would've been much better, but the fates can be cruel at times. I scored rather well on my army's painting (I should be able to get some pics up soon) and even received an honourable mention for my army list (this tourney actually awards points for creative presentation in an army list)

There were two things that performed extremely well for me. The Land Speeder was the lil 75pt engine that could. It took out tanks, ushered things off the board and was just a real thorn in the ol' side. The second was my scatter die. By the end of the tourney it was being hailed a the "magic scatter die" with an astonishing 11 for 14 record of hitting the target.

Afterwards I went out and had some ribs
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