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All rounded 1000 (or tried to be)
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Default All rounded 1000 (or tried to be)

[size=14pt]Army Name: Shadow Angels [/size]

[hr]Hi, im about to start space marines an id like to have a stand and shoot list that can sirvive the enemy sirvivers in combat, im not using any traits and id like feedback to find what people think about it, here goes:


HQ 1: Master: 125
- Storm Bolter, Lightning Claw and Arteficer Armour



Elite 1: Dreadnought: 120
- Assault Cannon, Dreadnought CCW, Heavy Flamer and Extra Armour



Troops 1: Tactical Squad of 8: 150
- Heavy Bolter, Seargent's Terminator Honours, S's pistol and Power Weapon

Troops 2: Tactical Squad of 8: 150
- Heavy Bolter, Seargent's Terminator Honours, 's pistol and Power Weapon

Troops 3: Scout Squad of 5: 108
- 4 sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher and Seargent's Terminator Honours



none - sorry!



Heavy Support 1: Devestator Squad of 6: 200
- 2 Missile Launchers, Plasma Cannon and Lascannon

Heavy Support 2: Predator Anihhilator: 145
- Twin Linked Lascannon and Lascannon Side Sponsons


[size=14pt]Army Total: 998 [/size]

[hr]I hope to use the Master to counter any assaults re-rolling to wound which will be helpful in bigger games where the lightning claw will be master crafted, re rolling to hit and to wound and then ignoring armour saves. The tactical squads will take down infantry, the scouts doing the same or maybe high toughness creatures, eg tyranids, the devastators will hopefully be versatile with 2 missile launchers to take out infantry or vehicles and the other two heavy weapons to help them with both jobs, either 3 templates on a unit a turn or 3 ,strengh 8 at least, shots on a tank a turn. The Predator is there to take out other tanks or monsters, the dreadnought will hopefully take out a infantry or if im lucky to hit or penetrate with 6's, heavy armoured foes or heavily armoured tanks. Hopefully the force will do well against all foes, im not expecting to win every game with them but i hope theyll be able to put up a good fight. As i sead earlier i havent actually started with any models yet though i hope to soon so please feel free to criticise, though hopefully it'll be constructive criticism. Anyway please comment and thanks if even if you only have a look at this.
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