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1500 points, Army List Test...
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Default 1500 points, Army List Test...

[size=14pt]Army Name: Shadow Hawks, Be Swift as the Wind, Faithful Unto Death [/size]



HQ 1: Master: 155
- Master crafted pair of lightning claws, Terminator honours, Arteficer Armour.

- Command Squad (5): 150
-Apothecary, Company Champion, Seargent's Terminator Honours, Seargent's Power Fist.



Elite 1: Terminator Squad (5): 240
- Two Assault Cannons.

Elite 2: Veteran Bike Squad (5): 263
- Two Plasmaguns, Attack Bike, Attack Bike's Multi-Melter, Furious Charge.



Troops 1: Tactical Squad A (6): 125
- Heavy Bolter, Seargent's terminator honours, Seargent's Power Fist.

Troops 2: Tactical Squad B (6): 130
- Lascannon, Seargent's terminator honours, Seargent's Power Weapon.

Troops 3: Scout Squad (6): 108
- Missile Luancher, Seargent's terminator honours, Seargent's teleport Homer.



Fast Attack 1: Land Speeder Tornado A: 80
- Heavy Bolter, Assault Cannon.

Fast Attack 2: Land Speeder Tornado B: 80
- Heavy Bolter, Assault Cannon.



Heavy Support 1: Predator Anihhilator: 165
- side sponson Lascannons, Extra armour, Hunter Killer Missile.


[size=14pt]Army Total: 1496[/size]


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