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combat patrol?
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Default combat patrol?

hi i have made two lists for my combat patrol touranment but im not sure what one to use.. any suggestions would be great

list 1

5 x scouts
1 x missle launcher
4 x snipers
1 x terminatot honours
= 108 points

devastatot squad
6 x marines
1 x ccw
1 x bp
1 x bolter
1 x missle launcher
1 x lascannon
1 x plasma cannon
1 x heavy bolter
= 175 points

assault sqaud
5 x marines
5 x ccw
4 x bp
1 x plasma pistol
= 115 points

= 398

list two

1 x captain
1 x plasma pistol
1 x power weapon
1 x bionics
1 x frag grenades
= 96 points

9 x tactical marines
1 ccw
1 bp
1 missle launcher
1 flamer
6 x bolters
= 151 points

smoke launchers
pintle mounted storm bolter
hunter killer missle
= 78 points

land speeder tornado
1 x multi melta
1 x heavy flamer
= 75 points

= 400 points
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Default Re: combat patrol?

they're both good but what are you trying to achieve, the first list can kind of do assaulting (assault marines) and shooting (scouts and devastotors) but theyre a bit mismatched i personally wouldnt want assault marines with devastators, your second list seems much more combat orientanted, a rhino rush assault but with a missile launcher, though you could efectively avoid combat enemies with the transport if you wished. Getting to the point i'd say go for the second and try an assault, it's much better to know what your gunna do in a battle rather than coming up with one once you see what your apponant has, also over more battles you can perfect your assaulting tactics but with your first list you might play a shooty army then an assault army and have more chance of losing two in a row, stick with the first one i'd say but also cause i think land speeders are cool.
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