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my 1500pt Black Templar list
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Kroot Warrior
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Default my 1500pt Black Templar list

Hey im new to the forums, and just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for my 1500pt list.

Castellan- Bolt Pistol, Power Fist (91pts)

Emperors Champion- Uphold the Honor of the Emperor (100pts)

Crusader Squad I- 10 Initiates- 9 Bolt Pistols/ CCWs, 1 Flamer
5 Neophytes- 5 Bolt Pistols/CCWs (216pts)

Crusader Squad II- 10 Initiates- 8 Bolt Pistols/ CCWs, 1 meltagun, 1 powerweapon
Rhino (230pts)

Crusader Squad III- 5 Initiates- 1 Missile Launcher, 4 Boltguns (90pts)

Crusader Squad IV- 5 Initiates- 1 Plasma Cannon, 4 Boltguns (100pts)

Crusader Squad V- 10 Initiates- 8 Bolt Pistols/ CCWs, 1 meltagun, 1 Power weapon
5 Neophytes- 4 Shotguns, 1 Bolt Pistol/ CCW (230pts)

Assault Terminators- 5 Lightning Claws (200pts)

Dreadnought- Multi-melta (115pts)

Jump Marines- 5 Initiates- 4 Bolt Pistols/ CCWs, Powerfist/ Storm Shield (128pts)


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Default Re: my 1500pt Black Templar list

Alright, there is alot of things you can do to make this list more competitive. So take a deep breath before reading. I am not trying to rip apart your list, but it has alot of stuff that you can do.
So let's get started...

First, let's talk about crusader squads. There are basically 3 ways to hook these guys up. Rhino/drop pod squad, fire support and large CC horde. The best setup for a mech squad is 10 men, powerfist and meltagun and CC weapons for the rest. This gives you a solid CC unit that has a melta to help give itself some firesupport. This squad can hurt anything in CC or shooting. They do best when in close combat, though. But having the ability to hurt anything is important because they may not always be able to beat stuff up in CC. Rhinos should have smoke launchers and extra armor. the large CC horde squad is similar, but filled out with neophytes. Always take swords and pistols for the neophytes. Shotguns are terrible choices. They look cool, but are quite possibly the worse thing in our codex.
Shooty squads look different. the best size is usually 5-6 men. Give them a heavy weapon and a plasmagun. the rest get bolters. For heavy weapon the number one choice is the lascannon. It let's you deal with the tanks that this army can struggle against. Plasma cannons and heavy bolters have there place, but I'd stick to lascannons for now. They are tried and true. This is a very solid starting point for crusader squads which will be the backbone of your force. As you play a bit you can mix some of this up and add your own stuff, but for now I'd stick with the basics.

Now let's look at your HQs. Castellan sounds nice, but for a mere 10 more points you can have a marshall. Better leadership (which is paramount for templar) and an extra wound. Give your newly promoted marshall a powerweapon, bolt pistol, frag grenades and an iron halo. This is a solid and efficient HQ. the problem with the powerfist is that you are wasting your high initiative. Leave the powerfists to your initiates and let your HQ carve thru troops.
The EC is pretty simple. The only choice with him you have is the vow. Uphold is ok, but Accept is a much better all around vow. Being able to hit on 3's is nice. I would reccomend that you start with accept and then play around with the other vows as you gain some experience.

So that is the bulk of your force. You can create a solid Templar force just with those. But the other stuff is fun and adds some variety to your force. But some are definately better than others. Let's start with terminators. Assault terminators are brutal if they get into close combat. But that can be a big if. Regular termies are much better for the points and easier to use. a squad of 5 with 2 assault cannons is deadly shooting and in Close combat. Dreadnaughts are also tough to use. I have found they are best used in a drop pod. Walking across the ground they are very vulnerable. Also stick with the assault cannon and heavy flamer combo. Extra armor is a must and smokes are usefull.

Asault marines are a beautiful thing. they give Templar some much needed mobility. But these guys work best when they are a large squad. 8-10 is really the minimum. Powerfist is your best option. And 5 point plasma pistols are a cheap safety net. Storm shields can be usefull, but you have to use them right. Do NOT give one to your powerfist model. Give them to the other guys. and you really need more than one. 3-4 seems to work best. using shields is pretty complicated, though. If you want to use them let me know and I will give you a more in depth look at them.
Also consider giving your marshall a jumppack as well. Our HQs work really well leading assault squads.

I hope that didn't hurt too much. I know you worked hard on this. But read what I put in here and think about what you want or don't want in your list and come back with your new one.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: my 1500pt Black Templar list

Revised Black Templar 1500pts

Marshal- Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Iron Halo (122pts)

Emperors Champion- Accept Any Challenge (140pts)

Crusader Squad I- 10 Initiates- 8 Bolt Pistols/ CCWs, 1 Powerfist/ Bolt Pistol, 1 Meltagun
5 Neophytes- 5 Bolt Pistols/ CCWs (235pts)

Crusader Squad II- 10 Initiates- 8 Bolt Pistols/ CCWs, 1 Powerfist/ Boltpistol, 1 Meltagun
Rhino- Smoke Launcher, Extra Armor (238pts)

Crusader Squad III- 5 Initiates- 1 Lascannon, 1 Plasma gun, 3 Boltguns (104pts)

Crusader Squad VI- 5 Initiates- 1 Lascannon, 1 Plasma gun, 3 Boltguns (104pts)

Assault Squad- 10 Initiates- 1 Powerfist/ Bolt Pistol, 2 Plasma Pistols/ CCWs (245pts)

5 Assault Terminators- 5 pairs of lightning claws (200pts)

Dreadnought- Multi-melta (115pts)


Ok here is the new and hopefully improved list. The HQ has been changed to a Marshal, and I will test out the new vow for my EC. I took out the smaller CC Crusader Squad so that I could add in more Assault Marines. I decided just to go without the storm shields. There extra numbers should keep them alive. I also changed the 2 fire support Crusader Squads to have lascannons and plasma rifles. I dont really have problems with a lot of tanks, so that may change to missile launchers. Finally, I left the dreadnought and termies as I because thats all I have a t the moment lol.
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Default Re: my 1500pt Black Templar list

Looks very good up to the termies and dread. But I gave you my thoughts on those already. Overall a much stronger and improved list.
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