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The Dark Slayers, 750pts
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Default The Dark Slayers, 750pts

I'm working on a small 750pt army until I can pick up the Company box to start the Rosen Knights 5th company and I was wondering what your thoughts were. Comments and critiques are welcome.

[size=18pt]The Dark Slayers[/size]

Chapter Traits: "See, But don't be Seen" and "Trust Your Battle Brother"
Drawbacks: Aspire to Glory

Captain Kel'Thuzad
Pair of Lightening Claws, Artificer Armour
Infiltrate 3pts
= 113pts

Command Squad
Sgt w/ Power Fist, Bolter, Purity Seals
4 Battle Brothers (Melta Gun, 2 Bolters)
Infiltrate, True Grit, Counter Attack

Tactical Squad
Veteran Sergeant w/ Storm Bolter, Close Combat Weapon
9 Battle Brothers (Heavy Bolter, 8 Bolters, 8 Close Combat Weapons)
Infiltrate, True Grit, Counter Attack

Tactical Squad
Veteran Sergeant w/ Power Weapon, Bolter
9 Battle Brothers (Plasma Gun, 8 Bolters, 8 Close Combat Weapons)
Infiltrate, True Grit, Counter Attack
= 250pts

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