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Space Wolves 1500
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Space Wolves 1500

I want to upgrade my small army of Space Wolves to 1500. Now before buying, I want to check the army. Don't want to leave half of it out of the game after all.

173 HQ1 Venerable Dreadnought
-Assault Cannon
-Heavy Flamer
-additional Armour
-Smoke Launcher

111 HQ2 Wolf Priest
-Fang of Morkai

100 Elite1 5 Wolfsscouts
-2 Plasma Pistols

143 Elite2 Dreadnought
-Missile Launcher
-additional Armour
-Smoke Launcher

61 Elite3
Wolf Guard Pack Leader /Lightning Claws, Wolftoothnecklace, Frags ->Blood Claws

255 Troops1 6 Grey Hunters
-Power Weapon
-Power Fist
-2 Plasma Pistols
+Razorback /twin-linked Lasercannons, Smoke Launcher, additional Armour

255 Troops2 6 Grey Hunters
-Power Weapon
-Power Fist
-2 Plasma Pistols
+Razorback /twin-linked Lasercannons, Smoke Launcher, additional Armour

201 Troops3 8 Blood Claws
-Power Weapon
-Power Fist
+Rhino /Smoke Launcher, additional Armour, Dozer Blade

200 Support1 Leman Russ Exterminator
-3 Heavy Bolters
-additional Armour


For the Grey Hunter packs I thought at giving Plasma Pistols and Power Weapons to the same models. It raises the count of ablative wounds, but also bears the risk I fry my Power Weapons. What would you do?
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