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1,500pt Dark Angels tournament List
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Default 1,500pt Dark Angels tournament List

well on the weekend i'm playing in a tournament (my third one in 3 weeks :P) and i've decided to go with a heavily deathwing themed army.

Army List: Dark Angels.


Belial, Master of the Deathwing 130

Librarian 145
+Terminator Armour


Deathwing Terminators 215
5x Lightning Claws

Deathwing Terminators 215
3x Lightning Claws
2x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield

Deathwing Terminators 260
+Assault Cannon
3x Chainfist

Fast Attack:

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 170
+Attack Bike

Support Squadron 100
Assault Cannon

Heavy Support:

Land Raider Crusader 265
+Extra Armour

It does have its weaknesses as do most deathwing list but it was designed more as a fluffy, fun list rather than an overly competitive list.

Any C&C would be welcome
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