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1850 Blood Angels
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Default 1850 Blood Angels

So after getting nothing less than Omega against my friends I've revamped my origonal lists. Escelation hurt way too much.

HQ 325
Mephiston and Corbulo

HQ 175
Honor guard(5)
Power Weapon(2)
Sanguinary Priest

HQ 185
Honor Guard(5)
Power Weapon/Fist
Sanguinary Priest

Troop 130 x 6 = 980
Tactical Squad(5)
Melta bomb

Fast Attack 150
Assault Bike(3)
Power Weapon, Meltabomb

Elite 35
7 death company, Jump packs

The big purpose behind this list is still to assault, which is why I went with the melta guns instead of Plas. I know I should drop the points to take a bunch of rhinos since I could move 18 inches on with escalation, but I'd rather start out on the board.
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Default Re: 1850 Blood Angels

Blood Angels are only feared in CC...and you have no such way of delivering your troops into the ranks of the enemy (excluding your bikes and Death Company).

-You NEED Rhinos for your HQs and their respective Command Squads in order for them to cause any misery for your opponent.

-Meltaguns have a notoriously short range. Beef up each of your tactical squads to 10 men and get each one a Rhino if you must but make sure a 1000 pts f your army is actually doing something instead of brandishing their meltaguns from the sidelines.

-Your bikes look great. If you're going for Melta power, this army is very overkill unless you refuse to mount your troops in Rhinos in which case these bikes may well be the only units to threaten enemy armor.

-Death Company are exponentially more effective with a Chaplain to control and lead them into battle. You don't want these expensive CC monsters running off and attacking random units. Litanies of Hate also gives you more rending attacks for your money so you should consider scrapping a command squad and Brother Corbulo for a Chaplain with a Jump Pack and throwing some more DC in there.

You can make this list work very well, you just need the mobility to do so.
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