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Mega Battle List for Saturday-2000 Points!!!
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Default Mega Battle List for Saturday-2000 Points!!!

HQ-Emperorís Champion-Armor of Faith; Crusader Seals; Frag Grenades; Bolt Pistol; The Black Sword; Vows: Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds
Total: 140 points

Usage: He is my fist of fury for this army and he goes with the Crusader Squad inside the Rhino.

HQ-Lord-Castellan Uriah-Special rules as per Black Templar Marshal; Frag Grenades; Plasma Pistol; Master-Crafted Power Sword; Combat Shield; Crusader Seals; Terminator Honors-136
Command Squad
HQ-Master of Sanctity Gabriel-Special rules as per Black Templar Reclusiarch; Rosarius; Master-Crafted Crozious Arcanum; Frag Grenades; Terminator Honors; Crusader Seals-168
Veteran Sergent Belarius-Power Sword; Terminator Honors; Bolt Pistol; Combat Shield; Special Skills: Furious Charge-46 Points
Brother Apothecary Bliant-Bolt Pistol; Nartheciem; Power Sword; Frag Grenades-66 Points
Fighting Company Standard Bearer Erdheart-Terminator Honors; Chainsword; Bolt Pistol; Combat Shield; Chapter Banner; Holy Relic-112 Points
Company Champion Gerhard-Terminator Honors; Power Sword; Bolt Pistol; Combat Shield; Special Skills: Furious Charge-51 Points
Sword Brethren-Frag Grenades; Terminator Honors (x2); Bolt Pistol & close Combat Shield (x1); Meltagun; Special Skills: Furious Charge-80 Points
Total: 635 points

HQ-Master of Sanctity Mataeus Sternn-Special rules as per Black Templar Master of Sanctity; Bolt Pistol; Rosarius; Terminator Honor; Crusader Seals; Master-Crafted Crozious Arcanum; Artificer Armor; Holy Orbs of Antioch-172 Points

Elites-Venerable Brother Titinius-Walker; Venerable; Twin Linked Lascannon; Dreadnought Power Fist; Storm Bolter; Extra Armor; Special Skills: Tank Hunter-160 Points

Elites-Sword Brethren-Bolters (x3); Terminator Honors (x5); Plasma gun; Lascannon; Special Skills: Infiltrate-210 Points

Elites-Sword Brethren-Terminator Honors (x5); Bolt Pistol & Chainsword (x3); Bolt Pistol & Power Fist (x1); Crusader Seals; Frag Grenades; Special Skills: Furious Charge-206 Points

Troops-Crusader Squad-Frag Grenades; Bolt Pistol & Chainsword (x4); Flamer; Crusader Seals; Bolt Pistol & Power Fist-135
Neophytes-Bolt Pistol & Combat Knife (x3); Frag Grenades-33
Rhino-Storm Bolter; Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter; Extra Armor; Hunter Killer Missile-80
Total: 248 Points

Troops-Crusader Squad-Frag Grenades; Bolter (x8); Bolt Pistol & Power Fist (x1); Plasmagun (x1)-211 Points

Grand Total: 1996

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