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1,500 mech BT.
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Default 1,500 mech BT.

Hello all. Just posting my latest BT mech list. C+C welcome smile.gif

Emperor champ.
-Accept any challenge.

-pair of lightning claws.
-8-man squad-bp+cc
-dozer blades

Sword Brethren.

Crusader squad 1.-bp+cc
-9x initiates, 1x neophyte.
-1 with power fist.
-extra armor.
-dozer blades

Crusader squad 2.-bp+cc
-9x initiates, 1x neophyte.
-1 with power fist.
-extra armor.
-dozer blades

Predator annihilator.
-las sponsons.

Total:1500 exact.

It's mostly a city fight based army.

I am also thinking of taking out the sword brethren for 2 squads of bikes. possibly giving them 2x flamers and 1x power weapon (i haven't purchased the brethren or bikes yet, so it's all possible)

Thanks again
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Default Re: 1,500 mech BT.

Put the Emperor's Champion in a squad. Not the Comm Squad, but maybe the 1st crusader squad. Take the neophyte out and then you can have nmore points to use.

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