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My new 1850 Deathwing
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Default My new 1850 Deathwing

Anyone who has been on the codex unforgiven site will realise that i ripped off the fluff for this force so Don't think i came up with all the names. I did not steal the same list however, Only some of the names.

1850 Deathwing Gods Of War

Master Ares God Of War
Lightning claws

Librarian Zues
terminator armor
phsycic hood
force weapon
storm bolter

Terminator Squad Mars
Gods Of Battle
1 missile launcher
1 chainfist
1 apothecary

Terminator Squad Apollo
Gods Of The Sun
1 assault cannon
1 chainfist
1 thunder hammer
2 lightning claws

Terminator Squad Nike
Gods Of Victory
1 assault cannon
battle standard
1 chainfist
1 lightning claws
2 thunder hammers

Land Raider Crusader Nemesis
God Of Vengeance
Pintle storm bolter
Extra armour

Predator Artemis
Lord Of The Hunt
smoke launchers
Twin Lascannons
Lascannon sponsons

Dreadnought Notus
The Wind Of The North
Heavy Flamer
Extra Armour
Drop Pod

Scouts Squad Boreas
The Wind Of The south
5 scouts
4 sniper rifles
1 missile launcher
melta bombs

Total: 1845

I tried to get the Squad names to match up to their roles and i think i did OK but here's a run down of the strategy i have in mind anyway.
The Librarian Will Deathwing Deepstrike with Terminator Squads Mars And Apollo And also With Dreadnought Notus. Scouts Squad Boreas will infiltrate into a building on their flank and attempt to pin down any enemy's advancing on the center or take down any carnifexes against nids or tanks against other armys. The Master And Squad Nike Will Deploy within The land raider Which will race to the middle to reinforce my deepstrikers. The predator will Move forward a little slower blasting tanks and monstrous creatures as it goes.
If all goes plan(and it never does) i should be holding the center objectives with my rather hard to remove troops or in my enemy's deployment zone depending on the mission and failing that hopefully my force put up a good fight.
This list is meant to be Competitive but NOT cheesy and if someone feels it is pleas tell me.
Also I am perfectly willing to switch out the Librarian for an Interrogator chaplain which would go in the crusader and also to switch out the scouts for a techmarine to go in the raider(in place of the other 2 heroes who would deepstrike), a ravenwing squad which would use it's scout move to ensure my Deepstriking contingent Did not scatter or for a whirlwind or Vindicator.
Thanks for looking, Please Don't hold back on any constructive Criticism and feel free to rearrange or completely re-do the list, or even tell me my tactics are bogus ;D

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