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1500pts Dark Angels for versing Eldar
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Default 1500pts Dark Angels for versing Eldar

Ok I was just stuffing around last night as I was building my Helios pattern Land Raider, becuase I want to use it, so I've tried to build a list around it, what do you guys think of this

Interrorgator Chaplain
Jump Pack =140pts
Ok he will join my assault marines for the re-roll and the power weapon he carries
10 Scouts
4 sniper rifles
Sarge with Powerfist =190pts
combat squad and infiltrate, snipers hopefully give me a nice area covered with thier rifles while the power fist will kill targets of opertunity
10 Marines
1 Meltagun
Sarge with Power Weapon
Razorback with Lascannons =270pts
Ok this squad works well for me in this config, seriously. The razorback is pretty much my only lascannon (the devs have one) so tanks will be hard I suppose, but eldar tanks are light so (shrugs)
10 Marines
1 Flamer
1 Heavy Bolter
Sarge has powerfist =205pts
flamers are always good, and heavy bolters do kill eldar dead....and do I need to explain powerfists?
5 assault marines
sarge with powerfist =150pts
Last game I used this squad in, the sarge with powerfist and chaplain absolutly ripped apart half a battleline, on thier own......so yeah I'm kinda fond of them
Land Raider Helios =260pts (according to army builder)
The eldar player isn't very fond on lance weapons and his fire prism doesn't do anything untill the forth turn, if it still has it's cannon.....if he takes it, so I can present this bad boy so I don't have to roll two dice for the scatter all the time, plus S5 AP4 barrage weapons make a mess of anything eldarish
Heavy Bolters =95pts
This is mainly to kill eldar troops, but it could take down a serpant or two
5 Devestators
1 lascannon
3 missile launchers =185pts
can take on tanks of infantry

comes to around about 1495pts
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