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Ok, Army list for the for the Rosen Knights 10th 2000 pnts
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Default Ok, Army list for the for the Rosen Knights 10th 2000 pnts

Captain Lucifron "Silver Hawk" Salivan w command squad 473 pnts
Master Crafted Power Weapon
Plasma Pistol
Iron Halo

In command squad of 6 (all have infiltrate and term honors)
1 sarge with power weapon and plasma pistol
1 Apothecary with power Weapon and Plasma pistol
1 Standard Bearer with power weapon and plasma pistol
1 Company Champion with power weapon plasma pistol and combat shield
2 marines w/ melta guns

1 veteran squad(with Infiltrate) 9 man 265 pnts
Sarge with term honors power fist plasma pistol auspex and is an apothecary(due to Purity above All, Lucifron does everything he can to keep his troops alive)
1 with power weapon
1 with power fist

2 Tactical Squads (all infiltrate due to see but don't be seen) 9 man 254 each
Sarge with term honors power fist, plasma pistol and is an Apothecary
1 lascannon
1 Melta gun

1 Scout Squad (10 man) 180 pnts
all have sniper rifles

Hvy Support
2 Devistator Squad (with Infiltrate) 263 each
Sarge with powerfist and plasma pistol
4 with Rocket Launcher

OK, thats 2000 pnts, let me know what you think please.
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