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Blood Angels-1850
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Default Blood Angels-1850

HQ 125

HQ 205
Honor Guard with Jumppacks
Champion(power weapon and combat shield)
2 power weapons

Troop 305
10 man Assault Squad
2 Plasma Pistol(not on sergeant)

Troop 305
10 man Assault Squad
2 Plasma Pistol(not on sergeant)

Troop 160
5 man Assault Squad
Power weapon
Melta bombs(sergeant)

Troop 155
5 man Assault Squad
Power weapon

Elite 240
5 man Veteran Assault
2 pair lightning claws

Furioso Dreadnought
Death Company
Heavy Flamer
Drop Pod

Elite 145
Heavy Flamer
Extra Armor

Elites 30
6 death company with jump packs

The whole point is to get a wave effect with the assault marines. I'm pretty much going to stretch my forces out to force them to do the same and then just quickly redeploy onto one flank and sweep through.

I'm combat squading my two big squads so the plasma pistols are out there so they can hunt heavy infantry while the others take care of what ever else gets in the way.
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Default Re: Blood Angels-1850

That sir is a CC monster you have built there....

You will no doubt get in cc early, but you have no real way to go up against tanks or hoard armies(too many to combat, you could be overrun) (which is my major beef with the jump pack BA army)

But other than that it should do great against other marines, Which hunters and tau
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Default Re: Blood Angels-1850

Actually tanks aren't a big deal for me. If they aren't holding some nasty CC unit I can ignore them and be untargetable while I'm in CC. If they do have CC units hiding in them I'll surround them with powerfists and rending. Plus almost every squad has either a meltabomb, power fist, or thunder hammer(which I'm thinking of droping to a powerfist to put meltabombs into that one squad with out it.)

As for hordes, I havent been up against them yet. I think the only thing that would give me real troubles is gene stealers, which I'll probably hide in buildings/trees and shoot them as they come at me.
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Default Re: Blood Angels-1850

The one adjustment I would suggest is to change LeMartes with Borther Corbulo. He is slow but if you deploy him at the front of the army and everyone moves around him in the first turn he can stay close enough to give everyone Fourious Charge, and his ability to save one model a turn can be important to your many 5 man squads.
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