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[BatRep] 600 Blood Angels vs. Ultramarines
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Default [BatRep] 600 Blood Angels vs. Ultramarines

More marines, different opponent. He was fairly new to the game but has a quickly grasped the rules, now he just has to get his tactics down better... Anyway, it was Secure and Control Gamma on a 4x4 board. From my point of view, the top right quarter right next to the mid-line was a wall, 6 inches closer to me was a small forest, and to the left of the wall bisecting the left side of the board was a hill. He chose his board edge.

Marneus Calgar ( I know it's illegal, but he's new and wanted to take a flashy character even though I warned him against it due to the cost )
Two 8 man squads with a plasma gun and missile launcher
Dreadnought with TL Lascannon

Blood Angels-
4 Death Company
Two 5 man assault squads with powerfists and shields
attack bike with multi-melta

He deployed both squads and Marneus the full 12" forward a bit the left of the wall and his dreadnought 12" towards the hill on his right flank. I put my attack bike behind the hill on my left flank along with an assault squad. Lemartes, the DC, and the other assault squad went behind the wall on my far right flank.

I wont the roll for turns and chose to go first.

Turn 1:
BA- My right flank moves forward 12" and snuggles next to the wall. The assault squad on my left moves forward and hugs the hill. The attack bike moves up 12" and takes a potshot at his dread, missing.

Ultramarines- He moves everything forward 6". Marneus killed 1 from my right flank assault squad, nothing else had LOS.

Turn 2:
BA- the assault squads move forward 12" to assault later, DC is too far away. Attack bike shakes the dreadnought. My left assault squad puts his right flank tac squad down to 1 man. My right assault squad brings his left tac squad down to 3.

Ultramarines- Marneus gets ready to charge my right assault squad. The grunts kill another, while my powerfist makes 1 hit and 1 wound on Marneus who fails his invul save! But slaughters the last 4 assault marines in the melee. His last marine from his right flank tac squad dies.

Turn 3:
BA- Lemartes and the DC prepare to charge the last 2 marines; The attack bike blows off the TL Lascannon and stuns it; DC kill the last 2 marines 5 times over

Ultramarines- Dread's stunned...

Turn 4:
BA- dread gets immobilised and we call it here

I don't think I would have done anything different. If I were the Smurf commander though there were a few things he should have done instead. He felt the need to push his forces up the full 12" which when he saw my force he shouldn't have done, I would have put my forces near the table edge so they could get the most out of their shooting going after loot in turn 5 and 6. I wouldn't have taken a TL lascannon over the stock assault cannon either since there was nothing for it to be really used on (I showed him my force before he picked his). Finally, I'd have kept Marneus away from my buried powerfists considering I told him the rules about IC's and close combat before he actually charged him in, and while he did wipe out my squad his 185 point character died to my sergeant.
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Default Re: [BatRep] 600 Blood Angels vs. Ultramarines

Oh well, hopefully it was a learning experience for the guy. Good job on the victory, have a cookie +1!

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