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1500pts Imperial Fists List
Old 10 Jul 2007, 16:56   #1 (permalink)
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Default 1500pts Imperial Fists List

This is only about my 5th game going Imperial Fists and its agiasnt LatD.So far ive won every game with them ;D.Please leave comments on how i can make this list better.

Master w/2 lighting Claws,Iron Halo and jump pack 150pts

Terminator Squad 4x Termies,2w/Heavy Flamer
1x Sgt w/PW and storm bolter 220pts

Tactical Squad 1 9xMarines w/1 flamer
1x Sgt w/PW and BP 181pts

Tactical Squad 2 9x marines w/Plasma gun and Missle launcher
1x Sgt w/CCW BP 170pts

Scout Squad 4x Scouts w/sinpers 1 HB
1x Sgt w/Sniper 90pts

Assualt Squad 9x marines w/CCW+BP
1x Sgt w/PW+BP 245pts

Whirlwind 85pts

Devastator Squad 4x marines 2 HB 2 LC
1x sgt w/ BP+CCW 175pts

Rhino Transport for Tactical Squad 1 w/extra armour 55pts

Venerable Drednought w/Assualt cannon and dred CCW 125pts

TOTAL 1496pts

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Default Re: 1500pts Imperial Fists List

Very nice list, I personally see no problem with it, should be a cake walk.....but then again..........

(in the games I played against LatD they didn't seem to perform well at all)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 1500pts Imperial Fists List

I would drop the scouts and one marine to take a Chaplain with a Jump pack so your assault squad and FC get to reroll to hit rolls on the charge
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Default Re: 1500pts Imperial Fists List

you know what works really well with Imperial Fists;
Lots of Terminators combined with lysander and his teleport assault rule
get an assault squad with teleport homer, Lysander and maybe 4 squads of terminators. Bring them all in on one turn in one place and unleash hell
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Default Re: 1500pts Imperial Fists List

Youngy, that's only one of the ways Fists are supposed to play... to me, it seems like the Fists are a shooty Marine army, so lots of Dakka...

The Master is fine, but I really think that a Chaplain will perform better for that specific role

The Heavy flamer on the terminators, while cheap and probably effective against the hordes of LatD, is a bit iffy to me, but it's your choice.

I see what you want to do with Tac squad 1, but it would be more effective as an Assault Sqaud without jump packs, as every marine will have a bp and ccw. Also, you can take 2 flamers. 9 marines is a weird number, but again, it's your army... I wouldn't use the rhino either, too expensive for me...

Tac squad 2 is fine, although I would prefer to have another marine in the squad for a round 10 but that's just me...

Scout snipers, very effective, very cheap, good choice! I would probably give this squad a missile launcher instead of a heavy bolter though, for anti armor.

Assault Squad, I would go 10 marines on this one mainly because they're a fire magnet. I would probably add a flamer or two just for horde control...

Whirlwind, I would usually leave this one at home, not a big fan of it, but against LatD you're bound to hit something and mess up it's day...

Dev Squad, I would spend points elsewhere. you're denying armor saves with your bolters, so you really don't need the heavy bolters with so much other crowd-control. You can get similar anti armor for cheaper in other places and spread it out, like in your scout squad (missile launcher)

Venerable Dreadnought. Good choice, Assault cannon for crowd control, and if you have the points I would suggest a heavy flamer..

Overall good list, just a little misdirection at the role of a few things but still good!
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how can you be sure what you know is the truth if you haven't taken the time to ask yourself the questions that dispute it?

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