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[BatRep] 1500 Blood Angels vs. Ultramarines
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Default [BatRep] 1500 Blood Angels vs. Ultramarines

"Lemartes, give me the weapon or we will all die!"
"No! Tigurius, this artifact may cure my brethren's Black Rage... "
"Then I will take it from you by force."

Well, I took the new Blood Angels rules for a spin and... well let's see.

Blood Angels:
Honor Guard w/ Sanguinary, P.fist, and Jump Packs
6 man Death Company w/ Jump Packs
Assault Squad 1 w/ P.fist
Assault Squad 2 w/ P.Fist & combat shield
Tactical squad 1 w/plasma pistol, power weapon, meltagun, rhino
Tactical squad 2 w/P.fist, plasmagun, rhino
Attack Bike w/ multi-melta
Predator w/ TL Lascannon, HB's, Pintle storm bolter

Dreadnought w/TL lascannon, ML
5 Terminators w/ 2 assault cannon (kept in reserve)
x3 10 man Tactical squads w/ x3 meltagun's x1 heavy bolter x1plasma cannon
Land Speeder w/ HB, assault cannon
5 man Assault squad w/ 2 plasma pistols
5 man Dev squad w/ 4 missile launchers

The mission was Recon gamma level.
I got to choose my board edge, so he deployed first. I won the roll and chose to go first.

The board looked like this...

Turn 1:
Blood Angels-
I advanced the blob and Terminators forward their max distance. The inside Rhino overcharged 18 inches next to the far building while the outside Rhino went forward 6 inches and dropped tactical squad 1 behind the tower. The attack bike turbo boosted onto the other side of the tower.
Shooting saw my Terminators kill 2 of his assault marines

His 2 left sided tactical squads moved forward into rapid fire range of the blob. His dread moved back a few inches his land speeder moved in front of the center building on his side. He fired into my blob with the tac's and dev squad (firing frags) and speeder killing... 3. then Tigurius used Fear of the dark with a nice big 24" bubble forcing my terminators and troop 2 to fall back. On my right side the tactical squad and dreadnought fired at the nearby rhino blowing it up killing 2 marine sin the process. The marines hopped out and hid behind the building out of LOS.
He was out of assault range with everything but his assault marines which charged my DC and died accomplishing nothing.

Turn 2:
Blood Angels- The slightly smaller blob formed a nice semi circle around the left tactical squad. the predator moved up a few inches, and the attack moved a few inches closer to get in range of the dreadnought. The empty Rhino moved into the middle of the road about 10 inches in front of the Predator. Terminators killed off the land speeder in the shooting phase. Finally some melee action. Everything charged and all but the reclusiarch died while I lost 1 to him.

Ultramarines- Tigurius and his tactical squad moved into assault range off the melee as did the Devastator squad. (uh oh) The dreadnought moved into LOS of the Predator. His dread killed my Predator and the right side tactical squad put a wound on the attack bike. In a grand display his Devastator's and Tigurius with tactical squad in tow charged into the melee. After all was said and done, I lost 4 he lost 8.

Turn 3:
Blood Angels- The terminators snuggles up next to the building ( expecting his terminators to deep strike into my deployment zone ), assault squad 2 advanced into assault range of the brawl, and the attack bike moved into range of the dreadnought again. Shooting phase saw the dread pop. Down to 3 men from turn 1 shooting assault squad 2 charged into the mass of hurling bodies. I lost a few more while all but 2 of his tactical marines died. In a mighty display of force the two powerfist wielding heroes brought down the reclusiarch with an instant death.

Ultramarines- The terminators come out of reserve but to my surprise he walks them in from his table edge close the the melee. Besides the terminators approaching the combat nothing moved. ( All he had left was the right side tactical squad which fired into the attack bike doing nothing ). In assault the terminators charged but not before the death company put 3 rending shots into Tigurius killing him. The rest of the combat saw one terminator drop, but then the fists came down
leaving just Lemartes and a pair of powerfists left.

Turn 4:
Blood Angles- The attack bike turbo-boosted behind the tower on the right and the terminators moved up. No shooting. Assault; His terminators drop one of my marines, I get 3 of his terminators. His last man runs away but Lemartes and the Sergeant catch him.

Ultramarines- He moves his last tactical squad into the building in front of them and rapid fire my 3 man tactical squad killing none. His last terminator dies doing nothing to me.

Turn 5:
Blood Angels- The attack bike turbo boosted across the board to where the melee occurred, the Terminators moved up but wouldn't make it across before turn 6 anyway. The surviving rhino backs up to pick up to in front of the building while the 3 man tactical squad his behind it out of LOS again.

Ultramarines- The tactical squad immobilizes the rhino.

turn 6:
Blood angels- The attack bike turbo-boosts into his deployment zone

Ultramarines- can't scratch the Rhino.

Game over- + 715 points - Solid Victory for the Blood Angels.

As Lemartes limped towards Tigurius body he pondered how cruel fate had been to the forces of the Emperor this day. Two chapters fighting for survival, the key to their prosperous future obtainable by only one. Today the Blood Angels proved themselves the more worthy.

Go ahead and give me some feedback as to what you may have done different with either force.
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