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Another Stonecutter list. 1500pts
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Default Another Stonecutter list. 1500pts

OK. Yet again I've been monkeying around with army builder. This time I've tossed in something a lil more unusual as an ode to the stonecutters' connections. I'm planning to make an appearance at Astronomi-con Toronto in October. It's a tourney, so be tough when rating it, but keep in mind the event tends to be more on the side of friendly competition than a "Win at all costs" event (which is why a non tourney-goer like myself would want to attend). They have a bit of an unusual composition scoring system which I'll outline below

You start with 20pts in comp and lose them as follows

-Lose pts for >2 Elite, Fast or Heavy Support (due to my traits, this is actually enforced in my army list!)
-Lose pts for >4 Troops (may seem odd, but I reckon this is to encourage variety over "troop spam")
-Lose pts for duplicate/triplicate HQ, Heavy, Elite or Fast. Their definition of "duplicate" appears to be rather strict. Taking the same unit choice more than once counts regardless of weapons as do vehicles with the same armour value

That being said, on with the list

Traits: Trust your Battle Brothers, Cleanse and Purify
Drawbacks: Eye to Eye and Faithful Unto Death

[size=14pt]Army Name: Stonecutters 3rd Company Taskforce [/size]



HQ 1: Reclusiarch: 107pts
- Bolt Pistol, Crozius, Rosarius, Jump Pack, Frag Grenades

Yes, yes, I know termie honours would be nice, but 1) I'm trying to be frugal on the HQ pts and 2) judging by the DA and BA lists we're probably gonna have to live to learn without it eventually . Coupled with the assault squad, should be capable of bringing down anything short of the toughest or most tooled up CC units



Elite 1: Venerable Brother Reddenbacher: 130pts
- Assault Cannon, Storm Bolter, Extra Armour, Venerable Upgrade

Multi-role gun on a venerable platform with a Dread CCW as backup. Perhaps use it alongside the zealots to discourage hidden powerfist-toting squads

Elite 2: Techmarine: 75pts
- Bolter, Power Weapon, Signum, Auspex, Servo Arm, Combat Shield

Will wander the main line providing re-rolls from his Signum and a lil extra combat muscle. Will probably hang with the devastator squad most of the time. I reckon having a cheap character on the main line will be useful in case of assault



Troops 1: 8 tactical marines (inc Vet Sarge): 199pts
- 2 Plasma Guns, True Grit+Counter Attack skills. Power Fist on Sarge.

Troops 2: 8 tactical marines (inc Vet Sarge): 199pts
- 2 Plasma Guns, True Grit+Counter Attack skills. Power Fist on Sarge.

Front line units. Can march slog over onto objectives if needed, but the main idea is to plonk em in some cover at the edge of my deployment zone and dare the enemy to try and shift them. By the time they get there most units should be weakened to the point where they'll find that difficult

Troops 3: 15 Zealots (1 demagogue, 2 fanatics): 125pts
- Mob Weapons (laspistol+ccw), 2 Eviscerators

Just a quick rundown on these guys in case you don't know. They're essentially guardsmen with mob weapons (as mentioned above), but can take multiple buried eviscerators >. The demagogue is there for the ld boost, but I'm not too worried about that due to their "Here Comes the Pain!" rule (counts negative ld modifiers as positive!). I'm hoping to tag-team them with the dreadnought



Fast Attack 1: 7 Assault Marines (inc. Vet Sarge): 184pts
- Bolt Pistol, CCW. Power fist on sarge

And the chappy makes 8. These guys should be able to wreak some havoc in the first round of combat with their black armoured friend (re-roll them powerfist attacks )

Fast Attack 2: 2 Landspeeder Tornados: 160pts
- Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter

Part of me hates myself for including these lil jerks. Due to my traits I can't split the squad, so I feel a lil better about it. The amount of dakka they can spew out is undeniable though and their speed means they can suport both stationary and advancing elements of my force. Just need to watch out for heavy bolters and such



Heavy Support 1: 8 Devastators: 200pts
- 4 missile launchers.

Let no joyful voice be heard, let no man look up to the sky with hope... The Kraken! Penetrator round that is Can wreck tanks, frag tighly packed light infantry and have enough bodies to take some punishment. Stick the techmarine with em and they'll get excellent ld some defense against enemy assaults and a lovely re-roll

Heavy Support 2: Predator Destructor: 120pts
- Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armour, Dozer Blade

What's on sale for a cut-rate price? That's right! DAKKA! I love these things. Decent armour and plenty of dice to throw. Shreds light infantry, shreds speeders and forces MEQ to roll plenty of saves. With a lil luck it even has a chance at taking down dreadnoughts (although that's not it;s primary role). Hello Mr. Genestealer, I have a lil something for you ;D


[size=14pt]Army Total: 1499pts [/size]

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